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Best Thinkers Webinar Series – Defining and Measuring Influence

Join Maggie Fox next Tuesday January 24th at 12pm EST / 9am PST, as she hosts another exclusive, live webinar from Social Media Today on Defining and Measuring Influence.

We are all subject to being influenced by people, events and experiences in our lives. This is just as true in our online behaviors as it is in the rest of our lives. With the growth of the social component on the Internet, we are exposed to many stimuli aimed at grabbing our attention and affecting what we do next – where we click, what we “Like,” who we trust and what we buy. This webinar digs deeper into how influence works and does not work on the Internet.

Maggie and her panelists Pam Moore of Zoomfactor and Vanessa DiMauro of Leader Networks will be examining:

  • Is influence such a personal thing that it can’t be generalized?
  • Can a person be defined as “influential” simply by having more followers on Twitter and Likes on Facebook?
  • How can you tell is someone has been influenced?
  • What kinds of influence should be recognized and leveraged through market research?
  • Is building influence different in B2B vs B2C?

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