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Social Media Roundup for November 6, 2009

Hello again, boys and girls.  It’s the Social Media Roundup, brought to you by the letters S, M, and G, and the number 3.

In honour of Sesame Street’s 40th birthday, I’m taking a page out of Google’s book and tossing up one of my personal favourite sketches to start off the roundup.

Yipyipyip…uh huh.

Party. Party. Party.
In SMG news, our 3rd anniversary party and #savethebou tweetup last night was a rousing success!  More on that next week in a full blog post, but thanks to all who attended and to @photojunkie and @modernmod for providing photo ops and bangin’ tunes.

Better Blogging through Pet Worm Ownership
Sonia Simone at Copyblogger has a great post this week on how Oscar the Grouch makes a great blogger role model, and it’s hard to argue with. I know that’s a blog I’d subscribe to. Slimey doesn’t actually feature in the article, but he’d probably make a decent editor.

Lists, Trends, and Retweets, oh my!
In Twitter news this week, Doug Haslam has a great analysis of the Lists feature rolled out last week, including a ringing endorsement for personal ego-surfing.  Not content to rest on its laurels, Twitter began more focused efforts to curate its Trending Topics and started rollout of its new retweet feature, which Mashable is doing a great job of unboxing on the fly.

nth Life?
Second Life has taken the wraps off the open beta of their Enterprise product, allowing businesses to operate their own private virtual world behind the firewall.  The office dress code just got a whole lot weirder, and catching a flight to a meeting has taken on a whole new meaning.

SNCR Always Satisfies
The 4th Annual Society for New Communications Research Symposium & Awards Gala kicked off this week, and has already generated reams of conversation. Congrats in advance to all the award winners to be announced tonight.