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Welcome to the new SMG website!

Welcome to the new SMG website. You’ll notice it’s bigger, featuring expanded content and a lot more emphasis on our products and services, clients, work experience and amazing case studies. SMG marked our three year anniversary just a few weeks ago, and this website is intended to both showcase the cutting-edge work our team has been executing for our clients since 2006 and how we’ve grown from a little shop to one of the world’s biggest independent social media agencies. Happy birthday to us!

The social media landscape has changed dramatically over the last three years; when SMG was first established, I can remember being able to read and keep up with everything that happened in social media in a week – and (this is the kicker) have time to post about it all! Those days are over, of course – and there is a lot going on in this space. Luckily, we seem to be able to continuously cut through it; in the last 12 months the SMG team has received significant acknowledgment from our peers, including being named one of the Top 100 Marketers by Marketing Magazine, 20 Leading Women in Social Media and Top 15 Global Social Media Firms. It is an honor to be included on all of those listings; we are truly in humbling company, and among the best of the best in the industry!

Of course, even more exciting for us is seeing our clients get widespread recognition for their great strides in social media. Particularly outstanding is long-time partner Ford Motor Company. When we began work as their social media agency in 2007, Ford had a shadow YouTube channel with a few videos. As of this writing, just over two years later, they have been named to numerous respected “Top 10 Brands in Social Media” lists. That makes us feel very proud, indeed!

(Of course none of these things would be possible without incredible teamwork. As far as I’m concerned, SMG has the greatest concentration of social media brilliance on the planet. If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, we’re actively recruiting for a number of roles – please drop us a line and tell us more about yourself!)

So, where to next for SMG? 2009 was a big year, both for us professionally and for the industry. There are more players than ever on the scene, and we’re starting to see amalgamation and concentration of expertise. This is good – it means that the market for social media as a communications, marketing and collaboration tool is maturing. As for us, our plans are simple. We have built a great company that does incredibly innovative and creative work (I’m not going to be shy about that, the SMG team is amazing. We know this because our clients tell us so, over and over again!) , we have a unique consulting/full-service model that is an important differentiator, a hard-earned reputation for excellence in all we do, and loyal client partners whose success is priority one.

What’s next for SMG? We’re going to keep on keeping on. Please have a look around and let us know how you like the new site!