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New swag: SMG GelaSkins for your iPhone

No doubt about it, the SMG-ers are addicted to mobile. So when we were heading into conference season and needed new SMG company swag, Maggie had the brilliant idea of partnering with Toronto-based GelaSkins to create SMG-branded skins for iPhone. We’re a bit fussy about “promo” (it musn’t be junky or cheap and should serve a useful purpose while making sense for your brand). As users and fans of GelaSkins ourselves we’re totally thrilled with the SMG skins turned out.

SMG GelaSkin

They were officially launched at our 3rd Anniversary #SaveTheBou event last week and are on the ground in Denver at Defrag 2009 this week with Maggie. If you’ve got one of the SMG GelaSkins on your iPod, would you please send us a pic of them with their new lovely swag?  Tag it SMG-swag and twitpic, flickr, or just email us. We’ll create a collection of the who’s who in the industry all showing off their lovely iPhones made lovelier through our SMG GelaSkins.


So that’s our new tchotchke. Despite our focus on all things social media, we think cool, memorable swag is an important part of event marketing. What do you think?