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Nov. 4 – Webinar on Social Media Today: When PR and Marketing Collide

Social Media has disrupted both PR and Marketing and left them wondering who does what. The lines have blurred and some professionals are ready to fight to regain control of their traditional communications departments. VPs, Execs, get back to your corners and step out of the ring. You don’t have to put on your boxing gloves for this one. We’re going to talk it out in the most civil way possible – a webinar!

Maggie will be moderating a Social Media Today webinar on November 4 about the relationship and impact of social media on Marketing and Public Relations with Peter Kim, Managing Director, North America at Dachis Group, Cathy Brooks, communications expert and founder of Other Than That and Paul Gillin, writer, speaker, online marketing consultant.

Learn what these expert think the ideal new relationship between marketing and PR looks like, who is best suited to manage a campaign that includes social media and how to create strategies that include both new and old tactics. Does the blending still sound like a train wreck to you? Let the experts explain how the collision between social media, marketing and PR can become a serendipitous marriage!

The webinar takes place on November 4, 2009 at 2pm ET, 11am PT at If you miss it, you can check back here for archived audio!

SMG Among Top Global Social Media Agencies

Photos courtesy of Leo Reynolds

We’re in great company.

Today SMG was listed among one of the Top 14 Global Social Media Agencies. The post, compiled after much Twitter and personal polling by the uber-connected Jason Keath, was published today. I really like the rationale that Jason used,

There are several types of social media companies out there. Some are research focused, or software heavy, or app developers, or monitoring services. Some are purely extending the PR battle plan to a new medium.

The social media agency is one that can grasp all these segments and help companies extend their brand and marketing through training, long term strategy, and execution. For the purpose of this list, I have focused on companies who mostly do social media.

There are many companies making social media a piece of what they offer. These companies are the top ones focusing on social media.

We’ve always argued that a pure-play social media agency (rather than a bolt-on to an existing advertising or PR model) is vastly superior, and the reason is twofold: we’re not trying to cram an old model into a new space (our approach is therefore entirely focused on results, not propping up something that’s no longer relevant) and it allows us a laser focus – we bring best-in-breed, cutting edge and tested social media expertise to the table, where we work hand-in-hand with other agency partners who offer top-notch traditional PR, advertising or marketing skills. It’s a powerful combination – the best of the best (just ask our clients).

It’s also particularly gratifying to be recognized in this way since one of our long-term clients, Ford Motor Company, has been getting a tremendous amount ofpositive attention for their social efforts in the last few months. When we began working with Ford just over two years ago, their social media efforts consisted of a deep understanding that social media was the way of the future and a shadowYouTube channel. We are honored to have been able to help them get to the point where they are routinely recognized as one of the world’s most social brands (including this great case study Scott Monty and I presented this year at Web 2.0 Expo). Of course there is much more work to be done!

So thanks for recognizing us, Jason – our team has been working long and hard to make our clients look great, and it’s nice to be able to share the limelight a little ;-)

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