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Enterprise 2.0 Summit

Do you want to learn how to design your social enterprise? The 2012 Enterprise 2.0 Summit is happening next week (February 7-8) at the Cercle National des Armees in Paris. Speakers and attendees will dig into the understanding and designing of social business excellence.

Enterprise 2.0 and its social techniques are nowadays an integral part of many corporations on their way to business excellence and improved performance. They strive for the design of a new model for the enterprise, the value creation, the business processes as well as the collaborative environment.

The conference will discuss current practices and future visions on how to provide more business excellence by the introduction of a social business design. The focus will be on the key challenges and success factors for three crucial parts: The new model of the organizational setup, the “socialized” processes and the collaborative workplace. The topic will be discussed from three different angles in parallel tracks addressing:

  • Enterprise 2.0 Project Excellence: The key excellence factors for the transformation phase
  • Enterprise 2.0 Practice Excellence: The overall use scenarios
  • Enterprise 2.0 Organizational Excellence: The new organizational setup

What is the Summit about?

Some of the keynote leaders of the conference include:

It’s not too late to register!

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