It’s one of those days – the days where something amazing is happening for someone you like and respect (which is fantastic!), but it means parting, which is always sad.

It’s my bittersweet pleasure to announce that as of today, the fantastic, amazing Leona Hobbs, formerly VP at Social Media Group (“great team and the best clients”) is setting off to begin a career as an independent consultant. As I said, it’s bittersweet – sweet because Leona is an amazingly talented strategist who will absolutely rock it, and be incredibly happy, as she cuts her own path. Bitter because she made such a tremendous contribution during her 3+ years here at SMG and we’ll really feel her absence, both in our work and in our working lives.

Nevertheless, life happens, and as long as it’s for the better, you really can’t complain. The team will miss you, Hobbs, but you did your job well – you leave behind you an amazing group of people who know exactly what awesome is and how to deliver it, without fail.

Thanks for the last three years, we wish you every happiness and success!


  1. Thanks Maggie! I loved working with you and the team at Social Media Group.

  2. Maggie Fox Author

    @Leona – we’ll miss you!

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