The SMG team had a great time at our Friday Feb 15th Spark event. We shared our thoughts on content, data, and the digital and social world—now it’s time to hear from you!

Check out these videos of each of our speakers, feel free to share them with your networks, and let us know what you think. Each speaker will be blogging on their topics over the next couple weeks, so post your comments and questions here and we’ll address them on the blog!

If you’d like to find out more about SMG and what we do, please fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch to set up a time to chat!

About the Speakers


James Cooper @jamescooper
Strategist, Content and Community

James explores the emerging trend of transmedia storytelling, which is storytelling across multiple platforms and formats using digital technologies. This talk will illustrate how, more than ever, brands have an opportunity to create a continuous content narrative that engages an audience through multiple media formats.


Patrick Gladney @pgladney
Group Head, Research and Insights

Patrick discusses the democratization of data. The new online world and communication landscape has made consumer and market data ubiquitous. Marketers of all stripes have unprecedented access to consumer information and are looking to action that data in almost real time. The reality is that clients and agencies have always had access to data, but the real target is insights, not anecdotes.


Cam Finlayson @camfinlayson
Client Engagement Director, Client Strategy and Innovation

Cam discusses data mining and social good. Big Data has quickly become an industry buzz term and with it comes promises of exciting opportunities for consumer intelligence. However, increasing privacy concerns and the logistics associated with data refinement bring their own unique set of challenges for marketers. In his session, Cam outlines some emerging solutions to address these concerns as well as innovative opportunities for social good through real-time data analysis.


Lindsay Stanford @lindsaystanford
Client Engagement Director, Content and Community

Lindsay’s talk is called “Inspire and Ignite: The New Wave of Visual Content Curation”. With less time and more content to sift through, new emerging visual curation platforms have taken off in a big way. Tapping into our desire for authentic and personal inspiration, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest have changed the way we explore and share content. Find out how brands get on board and ride the wave.


Michelle McCudden @mmccudden1
Manager, Client Strategy and Innovation

Michelle addresses a popular, but misguided request in social media marketing: making a piece of content “go viral.” This session covers why “viral” isn’t a useful term, what executives really mean when they ask for content to go viral, and how we can design content so that users are likely to spread it throughout their networks.


Brandon Oliver Smith @brandonXoliver
Analyst, Research and Insights

Brandon explores how brands and individuals cut through the noise. The barrier to entry for anyone to create content has dissolved in the age of affordable technology. How can your content make an impact when it’s competing with nearly everyone on the planet? Brandon will talk about pop culture and the importance of taking the road less traveled to make an impact in the digital age.



Maggie Fox @maggiefox
Founder and CEO

Maggie Fox is the founder, CEO and Chief Marketing Officer of Social Media Group. Maggie was the host of SMG’s Spark event.