Join Maggie Fox next Tuesday February 21st at 12 pm EST / 9 am PST for an exclusive live webinar from Social Media Today on How is Big Media Adapting to a Social Media World.

Big Media got big in the ages of broadcast and print, when corporations controlled the flow of content and consumers had few opportunities to interact and contribute. That balance has shifted radically over the past decade, as billions of consumers have discovered the social Web and mobile communication and were given easy tools to become content creators themselves.

In this webinar, our panel of experts will discuss the plight of Big Media – whether old business models have become obsolete, and how audiences have changed – and what it’s doing to save itself as an industry. We’ll consider questions like the following:

  • Where is today’s audience spending time and what content sources do they pay attention to?
  • Where is Big Media behind the curve of change in how it provides and gets paid for content?
  • What scares media corporations about the content models being invented on the Net?
  • What has the industry done so far in its attempt to retain its power?
  • How must Big Media evolve to stay profitable?

Sure to be a great discussion! Register now, HERE!