Movember, the “scratchy stash” season is nearing an end.  I for one am delighted by this annual expression of manliness.  I love seeing men walking around looking “unfinished” (my description for men sporting the rugged look) for a great cause.  I hear the process of growing a moustache can be quite painful, scratchy, itchy, gross and awkward – so kudos to all those who are powering through these “challenges” to create awareness and raise support for prostate cancer.

Social Media has served as a vital channel to generate both awareness and funds for this cause.  An untold number of males are using social media to express themselves and spread the word.  Moustached males adorn avatars and Mo Galleries are popping up everywhere. Now,  NHL players have joined the party and even  Justin Bieber is rocking a bieberstache too.

Movember is now a global discussion. Three years ago social mentions about the initiative were only across 23 countries – in 2011, we have about 100 countries engaging their followers and friends about Movember.  Our contribution to a recent article on the National Post’s “Enthusiasm for Movember Sprouts in Canada” covers some of the social statistics of the cause.

According to the article on the National Post social media has played a significant role in the fundraising efforts with more than $40-million in donations last year coming through email, while another $6.7-million came through Facebook links and almost $140,000 by way of Twitter.  Social media is definitely adding value to this grassroots movement.

Happy Stachy Mo Funs!