What is marketing automation, and why should you care?

Marketing automation is highly controvesial; it refers to a new class of software designed to lower costs and increase revenue by automating both marketing and (gasp) customer engagement processes. There are a number of different solutions in the market, but in all cases they generate massive amounts of data that need to be crunched.

Can software do as good a job as a person? By making an effort to streamline efforts and boost revenues, do we risk losing the human touch, and does that even matter? It’s a hot debate that will only get hotter as more MA software hits the market.

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We have an impressive panel set up to debate the pros and cons of marketing automation – representing the pro-MA perspective will be Lisa Arthur, CMO of Aprimo, a marketing automation company.  Arguing the “con” case will be Mike Volpe CMO of Hubspot, an inbound marketing software company.

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