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I’m extremely pleased to announce that I will be joining the Social Media Today Blogger Board. After joining the Social Media Collective in 2007 (which later morphed into the SMT community), it’s been amazing and gratifying to watch this conversation and industry grow. When I first started Social Media Group, I was able to keep up with everything that happened in the social media space on a weekly basis. As adoption has exploded over the last few years, it’s almost unimaginable that this was once possible, and it’s also increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. That’s where SMT comes in, providing enormous value by curating the best and the brightest from amongst all the noise – bringing leading voices and cutting edge thinking to those interested in learning more about the social web.

John Byrne describes the SMT community well, calling it:

“A nonstop seminar in new media for anyone who sees social networks as the technical articulation of the front porch on a summer night, the place where people set the community agenda for both the personal and the profound.”

A special thanks to SMT CEO Robin Fray Carey for the ask. It is indeed an honour to join my esteemed and respected colleagues John A. Byrne, Brian Solis, Jonathan Salem Baskin, Rachel Happe, Vanessa DiMauro and J.D. Lasica on the Social Media Today Board. I look forward to what’s next for the SMT community!