Location Tweets Coming Home to Roost

It isn’t only the robbers that you need to worry about when telling your Facebook friends about your vacation or checking in on Foursquare from Hawaii, but your insurance company as well. According to MediaPost, home insurance premiums in the U.K. may go up by 10% as a direct result of the approximately 40% of British social network users who update with holiday plans.

Pillow Talk – Social Networking Style

Apparently finding out if someone liked your Facebook status is more important for many social network users than sleep. According to the Gadgetology study done by Retrevo a whopping 48% of US social network users check in every time they wake up during the night. Stay tuned next month for social network’s role in the US divorce rate.

If the Grateful Dead Were Alive Today…

It would appear that Deadheads got the whole social media thing before there was an Internet. Shannon Paul’s Very Official Blog has an interesting read on the 4 Things the Grateful Dead Can Teach You About Social┬áBusiness. The Dead were masters at keeping their most loyal fans on the inside while combining free and paid models to the benefit of both business and their fans.

Memewatch: ChatRoulette Musical Improv

It all started with a guy named Merton (who looks a lot like Ben Folds Five) improvising songs (video featured above) to lonely ChatRoulette participants. Sadly, the video was pulled down by YouTube for some violation or other and then subsequently edited and re-posted. Then Ben Folds Five takes up the gauntlet and records a live Ode to Merton. Now Mashable has a great video interview with a talented and funny guy who is making ChatRoulette “exhibitionist”, but in a good way this time.

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