See ya later February. It’s March. Here is the first Roundup of the month.

OK Go! Video

And you thought setting up a game of Dominoes with your old CD collection was tricky. OK Go! released another stunning video this week that very quickly went viral. It currently has nearly 3.5 million hits and friends have shared the video with me about a dozen times. It’s embeddable against their record labels policy <tsk, tsk> and features one of the most fantastic Rube Goldberg Machines ever. A convoluted way of saying ‘you can’t stop us from sharing!’?

Social Media Policy Tool

For those who need rules or at least need to set some up for others, look no further. Web design and development company rtraction has created a tool to get you started– and quickly. With the tagline ‘Need a policy? Need it quick? Get started today.’ You should be set up in no time.

Wave? What Wave? Google Wave.

Oh, that Wave. I know, I sometimes forget about too. But not anymore. The company more famous for updates than Courtney Love’s Twitter has introduced email notifications for their useful but sometimes forgotten service, Wave. Now we’ll all remember to use Google Wave until it becomes habit like those other social sites we know and love.

Social Media in the Classroom

If your grandparents are still bugging you about ‘playing with social media’, tell them to check out this video from the University of Texas at Dallas where one prof has made Twitter a huge part of the classroom calling it, The Twitter Experiment. One student has even ditched his laptop for a phone because who needs paragraphs or even sentences? 140 characters or less, right? If only collaboration hadn’t been called cheating when I was in school.