Messing With the Wrong Twit

2.7 hours per day on mobile?

According to study released by PR firm Ruder Finn Americans spend an average 2.7 hours per day on the mobile internet and 91% of them use it for social purposes. Either almost everyone I know is way below average or those numbers are a bit high.

Something Social In Vancouver

InventorSpot has a great rundown of Social Media efforts related to Vancouver 2010. Ranging from official channels, sponsor efforts and mobile apps. I particularly enjoyed the verified Tweeting Olympians link.

“Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.”

Green screening (or Chroma Key) has come a long way since it was invented and based on the video below is in use far more often that we realize (via BoingBoing). Just remember what the TV studios are using today, will likely come standard on your laptop next year.