Social Media Group is one of the world’s largest independent social media agencies, and we are growing, growing, growing! As a result we’re looking to add more awesomeness to our team, in a variety of different roles.

BUT – before we get into the nitty gritty, I think it’s really important that we share some of our cultural values and the kinds of things we look for in every role, because fit is far more important than skills are. Skills we can teach you, but personality type and perspective and attitude are what will make your career with us.

Are you:

  • Competitive and driven to win by providing excellent results and constantly improving your own skillset?
  • Determined and committed to success? When life gives you lemons, you made lemonade – instinctively – and it’s really good lemonade, at that!
  • Inspired by challenge? You’re not exactly an adrenaline junkie, but you love the prospect of a challenge, and rise to it on every occasion. A job that doesn’t ask you to stretch strikes you as boring.
  • A team player? It’s not about you – it’s about the team, and, ultimately, the client. Inspiring and motivating your team to deliver incredible results by providing constructive feedback and holding yourself and everyone else accountable for quality and success.
  • Entrepreneurial? In a startup, there isn’t always a clear roadmap. One of your most valuable contributions will be your ability to take ownership for projects and prospects and turn them into roaring successes with the support of the team and bolstered by your own desire to get it right using all tools available to you.
  • A lover of learning? Are you possessed by compulsive need to understand and master things you don’t know? If you don’t understand it, you use your considerable critical thinking skills to figure it out, master it and move on to the next challenge.

If you answered “yes” to every one of these questions, have a love of digital and social media and are looking for exciting work in a startup environment, blazing trails with some of the biggest and well-known brands in the world, then please have a look at some of the positions we have open (list below). Our compensation packages are very competitive and include a significant annual education/conference budget, a well-stocked fridge, the computing platform of your choice and a great environment filled with some seriously big brains.

As Doug Walker, our Director of Strategy put it:

“There are very few opportunities to trailblaze with clients, trailblazing with blue chip clients, once maybe twice in a career opportunity.”

At SMG we trailblaze with our blue chip client list EVERY DAY.

Here are some of the positions we’re looking to fill, please send your CV, a note that tells us why you’d like to work at SMG and the the position you’re after in the subject line of your email to: Elaine Dean elaine [dot] dean [at] socialmediagroup [dot] com

Senior Project Manager

Intermediate Project Manager

Social Media Analyst – Community

Social Media Analyst – Metrics and Measurement

Business Development Lead

Business Development Co-ordinator

Interns (paid)

Location is mostly not an issue, though for Project Management roles, we generally prefer that they be on-site in Toronto.

We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Interested in learning more about your Internship positions!

  2. I am interested in the internship positions as well.
    Sounds like a great experience!

  3. Hello, I am very interested in the paid internship position and was wondering if I could find out more about this oppurtunity. If I could have informaiton sent to me that would be great, thanks,

    -Cidney Carver

  4. Rae

    Hello, I am interested in an intern position. I am a seasoned social media user, and a for-life learner of all things techie and marketing.

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