Parks Canada manages, protects and educates about Canada’s natural and cultural heritage treasures and SMG is thrilled to announce that we have been selected to assist in managing their brand in the dynamic world of social media.

Working with their new media team, SMG will provide a comprehensive suite of services to help Parks Canada bring some of Canada’s most significant National Parks, National Heritage Sites and Marine Conversation areas to all Canadians.

SMG is honoured and privledged to be working with the Canadian Goverment on some of Canada’s most precious natural and cultural resources.

Interesting Fact: Parks Canada is directly responsible for the management of approximately 2.2% of Canada’s landmass, which is approximately 219,662 square kilometres.


  1. Great news. Hopefully this will help out the tourism industry in such a down economy.

  2. Good job. That is amazing. Was hoping they would move that way. Pls contact me would like to discuss possibly working together.

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