How would you like the chance to work with the Social Media Group’s influencer outreach team to execute some amazing project work? Our team is dedicated to finding, nurturing and building relationships with digital influencers. We’re looking for someone who can join our growing team and hit the ground running.

Image courtesy of Minifig

Image courtesy of Minifig

This is an entry-level opportunity for a six-month contract. You’re the right fit if you’re detail oriented and driven to produce results. You need to be seriously passionate about communications and social media and can demonstrate it by active involvement in social media networks: blogs, Twitter, Flickr, FriendFeed, Digg, Facebook, etc.

If you’re interested in this position, please send a 250-word pitch about yourself and why you’re the right fit for the SMG influencer outreach team to me at leona.hobbsATsocialmediagroupDOTcom by March 12.


  1. I have always thought of myself as a sort-of Digital Ninja : )

  2. @Kyle – I think a small part in all of us wants to be a ninja, or maybe a pirate.

  3. Do “Ninja Ducks” count? I always tell my daughter “that was a Ninja Duck … and sometimes Ninja Ducks smell funny.”

  4. Scott Goebel

    Influencer Outreach I get, not the ninja part….ninja’s a stealthy…wouldn’t you rather have a Outreach Samurai who works with honor, purpose and dedication?

  5. @Scott I guess I was looking for a ninja in terms of skill level. But yes, I do look for honor, purpose and dedication as well.

  6. three HI~please Click it,you will find something interesting~

  7. Are you still looking for Influencer Outreach Ninja’s? If so, I would love to submit me pitch.

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