I’m prepping for an interview with CBC radio this afternoon, and in doing so have been looking up the latest stats on a number of things, all Canadian-focused. To that end, I’d like to share some Facebook stats I found on The Meaning of Web blog, gathered from the Facebook Advertising section.

Canadian Facebook User Statistics as of December 12, 2008

Canada has the most users outside of the United States, at more than 10.6 million. [that’s about 32% of the entire population of the country – including those too young and “too old” to be on Facebook]

Profile by age:

Canadian users between the ages of 13 and 19 = 2.7 million

19 to 25 = 3.3 million

25 to 35 = 3.2 million

35 to 45 = 1.5 million

45+ = 1 million

I found it most interesting that the 25 to 35 age group is larger by a significant number than the 13 to 19 age group (500,000 users), and that in keeping with findings from the Pew Internet and American Life project, there are more women than men on Facebook (5.6 vs. 4.2 million).


  1. I was always curious to find more stats about Facebook in Canada. For instance, how many members are there in Quebec? How many are using Facebook in French? How many members log in daily or weekly?

    Thank you for the stats of the profile by age. I have not come across those yet!

    I do find it interesting that there are more users between 25 and 35 than 13 to 19 but then again, I am not surprised. Facebook has made an effort to separate itself from MySpace. Facebook caters more to an older population.

  2. What I think is really important to note is that among Canadian adults (19+), there are far more over 25 than under. That’s not quite true when you factor in the high-schoolers (13-19), but it’s close enough to be a significant departure from the conventional thinking.

    Facebook is too often dismissed as the domain of the student population (high school, university/college) but that’s clearly only half the story – at least in Canada.

    (btw, this post is now hanging on the bulletin board outside my office with the numbers highlighted in bright yellow)

  3. statistics-professor

    Of course, this all assumes that each perosn in the population enters her/his correct age into her/his profile. Not necessarily true. Just a thought. 🙂

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