ggd.pngThe next Toronto Girl Geek Dinner is scheduled for September 10th at Fionn McCool’s (University and Adelaide) and our guest speaker is Sandi Jones,

Sandi’s career in IT and network technology began when she discovered her inner geek in the 90’s and made a drastic career change from performing arts to technology. Within a few years, she was a recognized technical expert, leading teams that built what is now Allstream’s nationwide Internet network. She also improved a large bank’s technology, and developed next generation IT services.

Which is a round-about way of saying that the Internet? In Canada? Sandi helped engineer the backbone for it.

cmij1113925107-719225.jpgIf you’d like to join us to hear this female Canadian technology pioneer speak about how businesses are adopting consumer technologies,reversing the historic trend of business technologies trickling down to consumers and how tools like instant messaging, social media, collaboration and user-generated content to bring the creativity of today’s tech-savvy consumers into the world of business, then please sign up at the TGGD wiki – spaces are limited!

One final matter of important housekeeping – as usual, TGGDs are looking for a sponsor to at least pick up the cost of the PA system and ideally pick up the dinner tab for at least 10 female technology students to attend. It’s a worthy cause and in return you will receive logo placement on the TGGD website as well as the opportunity to say a few words the night of the event. If you’re interested in finding out more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact me at maggie [at] socialmediagroup [dot] ca by August 22nd.

Hope to see you there!