I’m in Virginia, sharing the stage with some of the leading lights of social media at the very first BlogPotomac. I’ll be speaking about trends in social media marketing – and it’s an “unconference”, so no PowerPoint, no prepared speech – just a brief setup, and then throw the door open to the audience and (hope!) they ask questions. I’m really looking forward to it (I go on at about 10:30 EST this morning).

Thanks to the fine folks at Oovoo, for those of you who can’t make it – we have live streaming video.

Online Video provided by Ustream

Also speaking today: Lionel Menchaca, Dan Beyers, Kami Huyse, Frank Gruber, Katie Paine and Jeremy Pepper with a special appearance by Rohit Bhargava.

Special thanks to organizers/sponsors Geoff Livingston, Debbie Weill and Josh Hallett!


  1. Liz

    Can they work on the microphone static and volume? It must have been a problem on-site as well.

  2. Really interesting stuff…but the static continues…

  3. I have been trying unsuccessfully to view your various “streaming”videos. I cannot get them to work.

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