Okay, so if you are reading this blog you probably know what a blog is. So sue me for writing this post but I like to remind myself and others of the basics.

This video from Commoncraft, Blogs in Plain English, makes some strong points, not just for beginners but for all of us. The most important lesson is about how blogs create relationships and that “bloggers often work together” to “inspire and motivate”.

Our team at Social Media Group thrives on those two principles and we definitely hope that our blog inspires and motivates you.

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  1. Finally. Now I know what a blog is.
    Now … um… can you explain what this comment thing is all about?

    Actually, there’s a bit of commenting jargon that we in the know sort of take for granted but is worth explaining, such as trackbacks, gravatars, and more often now, openID. Throw into the mix tools for tracking comments like co.mments and I think we’ve fodder for a future post.

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