If you’ve been hearing a lot about micro-blogging site Twitter, but are still unsure of what exactly it is (or why so many people are on about it) check out this excellent (short!) video tutorial from our fine friends at Commoncraft.

This is Twitter – In Plain English.


  1. Wow, there is life between emails and blog posts?([inter-monologue] I wonder what it’s like, boy what have I been doing with all my time) I just wish someone would comment on my blog…(sigh)

  2. Sam Sova

    Have you guys seen any corporations use this successfully to report to a manager? So rather than a manager having a weekly meeting asking what each employee is working on, having them use a tool like twitter to stay up to date?

  3. Cynthia

    This explanation for Twitter is the best. Humble expectations – bringing us all closer – are actually grand. And I’m glad to know that’s what twitter is actually good for!
    Thank you.

  4. Hey Sam – great question. A number of orgs are using Twitter in various ways, among them SAP and the Red Cross. At this point, things are so new – it’s up to you to write the book on how Twitter can be used in a corporate communications setting!

  5. Every one should have limitations on their word usage! 🙂

  6. Seems like a great way to pass on the latest news albeit in a short format.

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