Blogworld is scheduled for November 7 to 9th, in Las Vegas and I’ll be doing two sessions – one on Wednesday at 4:15 with Paul Gillen and Paul Dunay, a roundtable titled, “Integrating New Media into your Marketing Mix” (session code W501 – Executive Track) and the other, a case study on the Yamaha Motor Canada corporate blogging strategy, on Thursday at 2:45 (session code number T401 – Executive Track) in which I will

…share exclusive information about the Yamaha Motor Canada corporate blogging strategy, including how her firm measured reader engagement, the importance of risk management and how Yamaha utilized business intelligence gathered from the blogosphere. She’ll also demonstrate how ongoing interactions with key influencers have had major and lasting impact on Yamaha’s favorability with past and prospective purchasers. Comparing the awareness generated with the cost and effectiveness of traditional media buys, Fox will explain how these detailed metrics are putting Yamaha well on the path to establishing ROI for this ongoing program.

Online registration is available here – and in case you’re wondering, the whole “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” thing ain’t true – so behave yourself!


  1. Let’s get you on the show for Blog World Expo Radio.

    Send me an email and we’ll get you scheduled.

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