I’m doing a webinar this week (my first, actually) – here’s the official verbiage, and if you’d like to sign up, you can do so here. I wonder if it will be weird? I’m used to speaking to groups, but not like this!

How to Get Buy-in For Your Web 2.0 Project
Thursday, Sept. 13, 2:00-3:15 PM Eastern

You understand the incredible transformative power of social media in the hands of millions of users. You know that a properly executed strategy can propel your firm well past the competition in the hearts and minds of your consumers. But how do explain all of this to your boss? In this engaging and informative seminar, leading social media practitioner Maggie Fox will share her numerous experiences in getting corporate buy-in at the highest levels, giving you the understanding and ammunition you need to get the Web 2.0 ball rolling within your firm.

    Learning Topics:

  1. Statistics and Usage
  2. Best Practices/Case Studies/Benefits
  3. Metrics, Measurements and ROI
  4. Risks/Risk Management
  5. Resource Requirements/Planning for Success
    Questions that will be answered:

  1. The numbers – bosses may not know social media, but they know numbers. We’ll talk about how many people use web 2.0 tools and platforms and provide you with the ammunition you need to provide context and justification for your social media plans.
  2. Who’s doing what? Using practical facts and case studies we’ll examine emerging best practices and give you examples of how companies have successfully leveraged social media.
  3. How can you measure the success of a social media program? There are no metrics “formulas”, but we’ll talk about setting benchmarks, measuring engagement and touch on the idea of calculating ROI
  4. The risks – what are they, and what do you need to be careful of? How can you neutralize them? Do’s and don’ts.
  5. Resources – using real-world examples, we’ll talk about basic resource requirements and how planning ensures success.
  6. Open Q&A – bring your questions. There will be an open Q&A session following the formal presentation.
    Who should attend?

  1. Executives and managers who “get” social media but need buy-in from key decision-makers to move forward.
  2. Executives who have heard about “Web 2.0” and are trying to assess whether it’s important or not.

Hope to “see” you there…


  1. Thanks for the webinar Maggie. We were out there listening, really we were! The lack of chat and questions is typical. I do wish there was less ‘what is web 2.0’ and more ‘How-to get executive buy-in’.

  2. Thanks, David – it’s so hard to know where people are at when there’s no feedback (visual or otherwise), and when I got the question about RSS, it was important to address it, which meant getting into more “what is this” type stuff.

    But hey – you should have asked some questions to help get the session into the direction you were hoping for! Please let me know if you have any questions now – happy to address them informally via the blog, etc.

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