Welcome to the nineteenth edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode, I interview Mary Hodder, Chairman and founder of Dabble.com, a California-based video search and discovery community.

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Show Notes:

Mary explains what Dabble is and how people tend to use it, the role of metadata in what they do, why ZeFrank hosts his videos at Revver.com and her background at the Berkeley School of Information Science and thoughts on search and how it has evolved. Mary also explains how her innovative work and perspectives on improving search algorithms motivated her to start Dabble, the perils of VC funding and the ins and outs of their business model. She also notes that video search today feels like text search did in 1997, discusses the difference between semantic and contextual mapping, shares their revenue-sharing model with partner sites, widget syndication strategy and explains why Dabble is not afraid of Google.

Other sites discussed in the podcast: Everyzing.com and Blinkx.com.

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