Dear Readers, I will be on vacation from Wednesday May 16th (yesterday) until Tuesday May 22nd. Just before I go, however, I’d like to thank my fellow bloggers for the pleasure of their company in Vienna. It was a great time, and I want to do it again soon.

(most) of the bloggers at SAP’s Sapphire07 in Vienna

    Clockwise from bottom left, Charlie Wood, Craig Cmehil, me, Prashanth Rai, Axel Angeli, Stacey Fish (SAP), David Terrar, Mike Prosceno (SAP), Sig Rinde. Not shown: Dennis Howlett, Manoj Ranaweera, James Governor, Thomas Otter, Bruno Haid.

Photo credit: Craig Cmehil

Thanks especially to Mike and Stacey for their efforts and attention to detail.

The other thing to come out of the event was a video of me doing a particular trick with my nose. James Governor has sworn to make it famous. Sigh. I suppose if that happens, I’ll have to let you know about it.

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  1. Maggie, it was a blast! I enjoyed your company (and others of course) and am still looking for the Canadian Moose, the elk and the Sri Lankan Samber. Then again the pissing Rhino…catch you soon. love to do it again, I meant blogging gig.

    here is the answer……..

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