Welcome to the ninth edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode we hear from Shel Israel, co-author of Naked Conversations, soon-to-be author of Global Neighbourhoods, well-known blogger and startup consultant.

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Show Notes:

Shel rubs in the fact that he’s in a warm place and I am not, talks about the thesis behind his new book, Global Neighbourhoods, I pipe up about how Statistics Canada and their ongoing study, Our Lives in Digital Times, is tracking the same phenomenon he’s planning to write about, he talks about what it will mean for business when the “Marketing Teflon” generation comes of age (have they been innoculated against advertising by repeated exposure?), how the structure of mainstream media turns everything into a confrontation, how social media can humanize that content, why the byline policy of the Economist annoys him. We discuss our agreement that objectivity in journalism is a myth and not necessarily always desireable, Shel’s work as a consultant with startup firms, and then he starts in with the gardening/suntanning thing again and I make a crack about dogsledding to my igloo.

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