‘Tis the season of conferences. I’m off later this week to give the first-ever user generated presentation in Ottawa, where I throw the doors open to the audience and let them decide what they want to discuss. We’ll use an online collaboration tool that will allow 20 users to log and record what they think is of interest to the group, which hopefully a wikiGnome (aka “wiki fairy”) will tidy up. This collaborative document will remain available to all participants online after the session, and stand a record of what we talked about, and what they (not me) thought was of interest. Here are all the details, and I’m also going to run some video. If there’s anything I learned last week in Chicago, it’s that more video = good!

Workshop: Web 2.0, The Human Web
Date: April 13th, 2007
Location: the Panorama Room of the National Arts Centre
Organizing group: CapCHI
Speakers and topics:

Peter Merholz: Business strategy, product management and Web 2.0 applications
Maggie Fox: Social media and Web 2.0 from a Canadian perspective: a user-generated presentation
Mike Atyeo: Designing and testing rich-internet applications for usability
Derek Featherstone: Accessibility 2.0: Ajax Kung Fu Meets Accessibility Feng Shui

The workshop will be followed by a panel discussion with our presenters. There will also be an un-conference after the panel discussion where participants and speakers will have a chance to chat informally.

Personally, I just call that last part “drinking”, but whatever!

If there’s still space, you can register for the workshop here.


  1. Looking forward to your presentation.

  2. Hey Peter – thanks! I’ll be counting on you to have some great questions; don’t let me die up there!

    (I was actually thinking of subtitling the session, “If this sucks, it’s your fault”, but thought better of it).

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