Welcome to the fifth edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode, we go global in an interview with Luis Suarez, Knowledge Management expert and consultant for IBM Global Business Services, based in Spain.

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Show Notes:
Luis is incredibly enthusiastic about social media (or “social computing” as the Europeans seem to like to call it). We talk about his three blogs (Elsua.net, The Knowledge Management Blog and his internal one at IBM), how he loves the fact that the Collective feed allows him to keep up with all his favourite bloggers in one place, how blogging helped him break his email addiction, his work at IBM helping companies build collaborative communities, how Knowledge Management has changed, the notion of the enterprise-wide “Knowledge Jam”, IBM’s perspective on and history in Second Life, social media vs. social computing, and empirical proof that all Spaniards hate celery.

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  1. Social computing. I like it. Wanna start a viral campaign to excise social media and replace with social computing?

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