Welcome to the third edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode, I interview Robin Fray Carey, President of Carey Publishing Group and co-founder of the Social Media Collective.

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Show Notes:
Robin and I have a wide-ranging discussion, including, but not limited to: the business model that supports a free press, how technology has changed the traditional publishing model, the “marketplace of ideas”, the strength and value of professional networks like the SMC, the notion of social media as a “happy rupture”, not-for-profit and pro bono use of social media, using web events to confirm and nurture networks and build brands, what’s good and bad about webinars and other business communications, social media and WOM, knowledge management, her work on a case study of SAP’s use of social media within their developer community, Robin’s involvement with the Women’s Commission for Refugee Women & Children and her recent trip to Uganda, and the notion of social media as a “flourishing of culture” and the beginning of a new golden age, as theorized by Carlota Perez in her book, Technological Revolutions And Financial Capital, The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages.

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