I have to Google this phrase to see if anyone else has been using it, but it’s a model I’m going to try out at the capCHI conference I’m presenting at in Ottawa on April 13th. Here’s the abstract for it:

Join Social Media expert Maggie Fox, founder of Social Media Group, Canada’s first agency dedicated exclusively to helping companies leverage the power of social media, for this unique “user generated presentation”. First, Maggie will review some Canadian numbers and talk about social media adoption in Canada and the underlying shifts in society that are making all of this so important [it’s a Canadian group]. Then, in a unique twist, she’ll turn the tables on the audience and let them tell her what they want to know about all things Web 2.0. The success of this presentation will be in the hands of the attendees – come prepared with your most pressing questions about social media; why it’s important, why it matters, who’s using it, how your organization can use it, where should you start and where we’ll all be ten years from now. This unique and lively session will be conducted in the true spirit of social media, changing the conference paradigm from “dictation” to “dialogue”.

To be completely honest, I stole the notion (if not the name) from a podcast I came across a number of months ago from the September 2006 iMedia Summit. I’ll be interested to see how it goes – it’s very much along the lines of the “unconference” idea, but with a little more top-down structure.

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  1. Hi Maggie:

    If you would like to organize a PR / social media / geek dinner on the 13th here in Ottawa and would like a hand, just let me know.

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