This is actually the second time I have been tagged by this meme, but it’s mutated. This time around, and because it’s Friday, I’ve decided to post my answers.

I guess I’m supposed to tag five other people now, aren’t I? Will it be 1,000 years of bad luck if I don’t? We’ll just have to find out.

What have you learned so far from visitors to your blog?
That major news organizations don’t generally mask their IPs, which has surprised me to no end. Like all old-school bloggers, I obsessively watch my stats – I find that Google picks up more data, but Sitemeter gives me a more complete picture of individual visitors (and better referral info). Also that their visit totals are widely varied.

If someone would offer to pay for a course (or more) for you, what would that course be?
I’d like to become fluent in French (I have a smattering after six years of lessons in school). This isn’t a money issue, however, it’s more about laziness. I had grand plans to learn French when my sister married a Francophone two years ago. That never happened.

Are you satisfied with what you’ve achieved in 2006, in general?
You have absolutely no idea. Pleased as PUNCH!!!

Has blogging changed your life or personality in any way?
I think I’m a much better writer for it – I was always fast, and always pretty good at distilling stuff down to its essence and then regurgitating it (from my days as a newswriter and producer). But amazingly, I think blogging has made me even better at that. Also, starting this business blog and reading as much as I do in a day has given me great insights into the world of social media. Writing about it means I have actually internalized and understood all the stuff I’ve read – in a way, it’s like a university of sorts. On methamphetamines.

If you had the opportunity to meet one person that you admire most in the world, who would that be and why?
Being a dyed-in-the-wool Trudeau Liberal, I would have to say that I sincerely wish I could have met PET. This is all secret code for my American readers – you’ll have to take 30 seconds with Wikipedia to find out what the hell I’m talking about.

And I’m going to “reverse tag” on this one (I just made that up) – I will link to the first five people who tag themselves by leaving a comment on this post.

Update: I’m going to take the fact that no one left a comment as a sign that everyone hates being tagged (which is what I assumed). Then again, you could just be shy. Perhaps you should nominate someone else?