This is just a quick post to thank everyone who attended this mornings’ Social Media breakfast at the Ontario Club – I hope you enjoyed my portion of the morning and found it informative and useful!

Further to that, I’ve posted a summary of my PowerPoint presentation – if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line…

Click here to download the .ppt file.


  1. Hey Maggie,
    Looks like a great presentation although you may want to update your Canadians who have read a blog stats. According to a comscore report last october, almost 60 per cent of Canadians have read a blog.


  2. Ed’s right – the new numbers from last October are a little higher than what I’ve included in this presentation! However, it’s not 60% of Canadians as a nation (only 70% of Canadian households have Internet access) but rather 60% of online Canadians, so the new numbers are actually this:

    Canadian population: 32,730,213 source: Stats Canada

    Percentage with Internet access: 67.5% in 2006, source: Internet World Stats

    = Number of Canadians with Internet access: 22,092,894

    Percentage of Canadians who have read a blog according to the new comScore numbers: 58.2%, via Buzz Canuck

    = Total number of Canadians who have read a blog: 12,858,064 (give or take a thousand)

    So, while I said “more than 10 million” in my presentation today, it’s actually now more than 12 million! Thanks for the heads up, Ed … off to update the PowerPoint!

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