Long ago, when the Wondercafe.ca social networking space was launched, A.C. Riley and I had a good rant about the developer’s inexplicable use of frames, which meant individual pages did not have URLs, thus preventing users from bookmarking pages, posting them to sites like Digg, del.icio.us and sharing info virally. Which made no sense whatsoever.

A.C. (also known as Anne Charlotte, though she goes by Charlotte) also has a great blog (nominated for the Canadian Blog Awards). It seems she remembered me from our Frame-ranting days (if you hate frames too – please feel free to vent in the comments section), and therefore recently asked me to answer five questions about SMG – the results are posted here.

Thanks, A.C.!

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  1. I’m pretty sure you know how I feel about frames… 😉

    Google? Who needs a stinkin’ Google?

    Seriously though, frames are a lazy way out of coding properly in my opinion. There’s no need for them, they make updates hell, and they aren’t ‘social’ for the reasons stated above.

    And even if you do program in frames there are work arounds to ensure your content is portable… but if you’re going to go that route you may as well program in HTML to begin with.

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