Yesterday In early October the Globe and Mail announced that they had set up something called Campaign Bubble – a blog – with comments!

Campaign Bubble is a Globe and Mail weblog dedicated to the Nov. 13 municipal elections.

Based at and written by veteran Toronto blogger Marc Weisblott, Campaign Bubble is a home for daily conversations about the campaigns, the candidates and the coverage. Toronto is home base, but the weblog will cover the 905 region, as well as cities from London to Ottawa, Sudbury to Windsor.

I wonder why they waited so long? What a great idea. Don’t forget that the election is on Monday!


  1. Actually, Maggie, we’ve had that blog up and running since early October.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Matthew (and way to keep an eye on the blogosphere – nicely done). You should probably adjust the date stamp on your announcement post – it says at the top “posted on 08/11/06”.

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