1. Hey Maggie,
    Thanks for the mention of our Business Blog Directory. Also, thanks for noticing that it is by no means super comprehensive yet…but we’re working on that:)

    One of the main reasons is that we decided early on that blogs must be “self submitted” to be inlcuded and we dont scrape sites for blogs or content…some of it for legality reasons, but i think asking permission is something that rarely practiced on the web that needs to be addressed. (Especially in the blogosphere i might add.)

    Hopefully with supporters and advocates like yourself, we can include some of the “well-known” bloggers that we’re missing:)

    Thanks again for your support and keep up the good work here!


  2. You’re welcome, Christian – but there’s a funny twist to this story. Just after you commented, I received notification from your directory that my listing submission for this blog was denied!

  3. Update: the SMG blog has been added! For the moment (until someone else bumps us out of the top spot) you can see our listing at the Business Blog Directory, in the mobius-strip category of business blogs about blogging for business;)

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