That’s right – more and more are joining the party. Today’s press release touting the launch of Halvorson New Media, LLC was interesting, and exciting. Christine Halvorston is someone who’s been bringing blogs to corporate America for awhile now, and she’s upped the ante by launching one of the first specialist companies (besides ours) that I’ve heard of. (but I think the next six months will see an explosion in those numbers as the VCs start descending…)

The press release stated that Christine’s “Work was featured in … several industry books on corporate blogging” I remember specifically reading mention of the Stoneyfield Farm Blog in Debbie Weil’s “The Corporate Blogging Book”. I noted with interest that the release didn’t specifically mention Debbie Weil or her book. Concerns about giving free PR to the competition?

And another thing, PR Web: if you’re going to charge what I presume is about $5,000 to do a release? You should at least figure out how to include actual links in it, instead of just static text. Especially if it’s, you know, a web release.