Here’s another interesting firm that’s entered the Blogosphere: Blogtronix. Looks interesting, no? I think they offer their own proprietary software, which is probably where their margins are. When Debbie Weil wrote that GM was only spending about $5,000 a month on a blog that received millions of hits a month, I’m sure a lot of the big players backed off, realizing money was going to be hard to make.

Which brings me to another topic: content management software. Companies like red dot (nice site, BTW) must be (should be) getting seriously worried. Why bother with CMS when your whole site can be a blog, managed without even anything but the most basic tech staff? Platforms like WordPress and Typepad make it easy and secure.

That’s the future, baby – the whole Internet will be filled with blogs. Say “bye bye” to storefront sites that are money pits for SEO dollars. It’s just a matter of time until they are totally obsolete. You heard it here first, and I’m calling it Web 2.1.

(Consider the phrase coined)