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Best of 2010: Social Media Stats & Year in Review

Our SMG social media roundup this week is all about the year that was 2010. I hope you had an amazing year filled with much awesomeness and that you have a happy and healthy 2011.

Off the top, a hat tip to Steve Harris who helped out with the research for this post.

Sharing in 2010

Social sharing service AdThis shares some insights in this handy infographic about how, when and where we share. Facebook represented 44% of all sharing (up from 33% in 2009). Gmail and StumbleUpon had the greatest growth with increases of 394% and 254% respectively.

2010 AddThis Trends Infographic

(via Web Analytics World Blog)

Bonus: Mashable’s 19 of the Best Infographics from 2010

Top Search Terms 2010

In the no-big-surprise department, Experian Hitwise’s analysis of the top 100 search terms for 2010 shows “Facebook” was the top-searched term overall accounting for 2.11 percent of all searches. When you factor in four variations of the term “facebook” also in the top 10 terms, Facebook accounted for 3.48 percent of searches overall. Compared to last year “Yahoo! Mail” and “google” are the two terms that fell out of the top 10 for 2010.

The top 10:

Related: Google’s intereactive global search Zeitgeist “captures the spirit of 2010”.

Top YouTube Videos of 2010

Via TheNextWeb:

“The most-watched YouTube videos of 2010 reflect the people, places and events that captured our attention and imagination throughout the year,” said Mia Quagliarello,  YouTube Community Manager.  “YouTube has become the world’s town square – a place where culture is created and shared.  It’s a sign of YouTube’s growing importance as a platform for content creation that six of the top 10 most-watched videos globally were made-for-YouTube originals.”

Check out this year’s most-watched YouTube videos of 2010.

Bonus: Time’s Best Blogs of 2010 & AVClub’s The Best Podcasts of 2010

Twitter’s 2010 Year in Review – the 10 most powerful tweets of 2010

Nice work from Twitter on this review of powerful tweets. If you have a short attention span, or want a refresh on some of the biggest and most important stories of the year, check out this list. This has impact and drives home how incredibly powerful Twitter is as the real-time information network.

Bonus: The New York Times: 10th Annual Year in Ideas

2011 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch

The smart folks at have identified 11 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2011. A number of them are directly applicable to social media marketing in 2011.

A few of the trends we’re watching out for in 2011 include UrbanomicsPricing PandemoniumOnline Status SymbolsSocial-lites and Twinsumers and Planned Spontaneity.

SMG Roundup for November 26: Turkey Time Edition

Mmm.mmm..Coffee Gravy.


Maggie and I hereby nominate the Turdunkin take first prize in the Great Turkey Meme for 2010. (via someecards)

Cookie Monster Auditions for SNL

Muppets Studios releases cool social content around Thanksgiving (last year’s video has 17.3 million views), this year it is this video and Facebook social media appeal for fans to lobby for Cookie Monster to host Saturday Night Live. As of this writing, the video has 875,228 views and the FB page has 92,012 fans. I am an easy mark for the Muppets and have much respect for clever campaigns, so I’m just going to file this under the letter “A” for Awesome.

I’ll keep it short this week as you recover from yesterday’s festivities and today’s Black Friday traditions. Enjoy those leftovers.

Social Media Roundup for April 23, 2010

Facebook continues it’s quest to takeover the web

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced some big changes at the f8 Facebook Developer Conference this week. We learned that Facebook Connect and Facebook Lite are getting the chop and that a whole slew of other changes and features are coming down the pipe. Most notably, Facebook revealed the new Open Graph API which will make it easier for sites and apps to share information about users in order to tailor specific offers and features to each user’s interests.

In usual fashion, all of these changes come with privacy concerns for Facebook users. Mainly, Open Graph’s ability to store user information for longer than 24 hours (unlike Facebook Connect) means that it will be accessible at anytime. Time to revisit those privacy settings.

Volcano stranded passengers get social

Iceland has been making headlines with the eruption of  it’s volcano Eyjafjallajokull, spreading vast amounts of ash into the air and disrupting air travel around the world. Stranded passengers took to Twitter and Facebook to get travel updates from airlines and connect with other stranded passengers to try and organize alternate routes home. The Twitter hashtag “#ashtag” garnered over 55,000 mentions in just 7 days.

One couple grounded in Dubai even got married via Skype in an effort to save their wedding day.

Silver lining for this Apple Employee

Gray Powell, the Apple employee who left his iPhone 4G prototype behind at a German beer bar in California which lead to a major scoop for Gizmodo, can now lick his wounds aboard a business class flight to Munich. In a open letter posted on Twitter, Lufthansa offered Mr. Powell a free flight to Munich. It seems like a random gesture but Lufthansa recently opened a Bavarian Beer Garden Business Lounge in Munich so German beer seems to be the common theme.

iPad costs this buyer a lot more than money