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TVO launches Social Media Press Releases with Digital Snippets

TVO Digital Snippets

TVO Digital Snippets

We are excited to announce that TVO has just launched a series of four social media press releases (SMPRs) on the Digital Snippets platform. While we can’t claim to have been the first to develop SMPRs, we believe that the Digital Snippets platform takes a different approach by supporting a continuous narrative with influencers along a theme rather than a static media release with multimedia assets attached.

TVO has begun with four releases on the topics of Digital Innovation at TVO, Education Resources for Parents, Helping Kids Become Better Learners, and Using Media for Citizen Engagement. Each of these four topics will feature ongoing feeds of content from TVO.

Digital Snippets are modular press release platforms that allow companies to tell evolving stories – not static ones that are over the minute they hit the web. Our client Ford has been using the Digital Snippets platform for their SMPRs for almost two years now and have acheived great success with their SMPR content used by digital influencers in over 5000 posts (for more information on Ford and Digital Snippets see the presentation from Web 2.0).

Congratulations, TVO!