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Being a Sponsor Comes with Perks for Your Pals; The Defrag 2009 SMG Discount Code

Snow Caps Near Denver via btsiders

Registration is still open for Defrag 2009 held in Denver, Colorado and we’re proud to say we’re a sponsor. Here’s the big news; SMG blog readers get to use a fancy discount code! Oh the perks of RSS. If you’re already sold, click here to register and enter this code: smg1 for your cool $200 savings- that’s $200 extra spending money for those keeping count. Don’t forget to book your hotel room at the same time! If you need a little convincing read on.

Formatted similarly to TED talks, Defrag ditches the case studies and goes straight for the big ideas. You know, the ones that spark conversation, make your brain ache and leave you with your mouth open saying ‘aha’? Defrag will be set on fire by an impressive list of speakers like Stowe Boyd, JP Rangaswami, Chris Sacca, Doc SearlsJohn Winsor, Lili Cheng, Andy Kessler and of course you’ll have time to dig deep afterwards with people just like you. What do physics and math have to do with social media? Don’t worry, you don’t have to bring your calculators or be a math whiz to find out.  And anyway, when’s the last time you saw a mountain?

Defrag runs from November 11-12 and even though you’re not an early bird you can still jump on the band wagon and get a deal. How do you like that?! Register and enter smg1 as your discount code. Hope to see you there! You’ll thank us!