• Are you a manager? Pay inequality is your fault.

    A new study shows that men and women will one day receive equal pay for equal work! Unfortunately, it’s estimated that day will arrive in 2059 – 42 years from now, which might as well […]

  • Social Media: Threat to Democracy?

    Part way through the American election campaign, I realized I was living an illusion. I hadn’t seen a single piece of pro-Trump content on social media, despite his surging popularity. Since I wasn’t seeing this […]

  • The Secret Power of Assuming the Best Intentions

    A long time ago, a colleague of mine at the startup I founded said one sentence that changed my work life. When you’re considering peoples’ intentions and, “You have to choose between malice and ignorance […]

  • The Rebirth of Silent Movies – Online

    A few months ago, I started thinking about the fact that I consume virtually all my online video with the sound off. Whether I’m in the back of a taxi, on a plane waiting to […]

  • Where are all the women in tech?

    Where are all the women in tech? There are, of course, very high profile female executives who are great examples to all of us (Ginni Rometty, Marissa Meyer, Susan Wojcicki are just a few). But […]

  • The Future of Marketing: Business As Unusual

    Over the last few months, I’ve been asked to speak more and more about the emerging strategic role of marketing, particularly as it relates to technology, something I first started to explore in 2012. The […]

  • How the ultimate selfie changed everything.

    You need to know who you are, otherwise it’s impossible to change. Sounds like a leadership slogan, but it’s also a perfect way to sum up how the environmental movement got started in North America […]

  • Sales pipelines and non-linear pharmokinetics

    When I ran my own business, I had a solid, tried-and-true, 3x pipeline. That was absolutely, 100% the math. For every $3 in prospective sales, we would see $1 in booked revenue, and this was […]

  • The Next Chapter: Pushing the Digital Envelope at SAP

    As you may know, after seven years of running Social Media Group, which was one of the first (if not the first) pure-play social media agencies in the world, this spring I made the decision […]

  • Big Data, Attribution and The End of "Spray & Pray"

    What kind of ROI do your online ad dollars deliver? If you have no idea, you’re not alone – according to OptiMine, an online analytics company, 61% of advertisers say that they are challenged to […]

  • Resources for Modern Marketers

    Today Marketing Profs published a great resource for modern marketers who want to understand where their attention is best spent. Titled “Digital Marketers on Twitter: What They Share, Whom They Retweet” and based on research […]

  • Neiman Marcus is very serious about social.

    I’m delighted to announce that Neiman Marcus is Social Media Group’s newest client partner. As part of our mandate, I’ll be working closely with their communications and marketing leadership to help this iconic retail brand […]

  • Women who don't self-promote are letting us down.

    I don’t care how distasteful you find it. Or, perhaps it’s not even modesty, but rather a feeling that giving that interview or speaking at that conference is not a good use of your time. […]

  • Planning to be Spontaneous: Oreo and Realtime Marketing

    Success in real-time marketing is as much operations as creativity Ever since Oreo suggested that you could “still dunk in the dark” during the 2013 Super Bowl blackout, real-time marketing (RTM) has become the new […]

  • Are You Ready for The Shake-Up?

    Prepare yourself. From September 15th to 17th, 2013, Social Media Today and Blogworld will be hosting The Social Shake Up an amazing gathering of social and digital practitioners in Atlanta. This is the “real deal” […]

  • Social Media Group: Many Cool Things

    For the past few months we’ve had weekly team lunches in which we share our “many cool things” – neat stuff that we’ve found on the Internet. Here’s this weeks list for your enjoyment! See […]

  • Where We Came From, Where We're Going

    When I founded Social Media Group almost seven years ago, I had a feeling I was on to something. There were a number of technology companies that we’re selling (at the time) blogging software, but […]

  • Take a Nap on Your Instagram Photos

    Karly Gaffney is a Manager on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @_topshelf We’ve all seen the numerous products and services that pull your images or feed from Instragram to create […]

  • I disliked Sheryl Sandberg because she is successful.

    I have long expressed strong opinions about the importance of diversity in the workplace, was the co-founder of an organization devoted to making technology more accessible to women and believe the “likability double standard” almost […]

  • Identity Theft…The Social Media Element

    Wangari Kamande is a Research Analyst at Social Media Group. I recently watched the movie “Identity Theft” with Jason Bateman and one of my favourite funny ladies Melissa McCarthy. It’s quite humorous and at times […]

  • Sunrise: A New Day for your iPhone Calendar

    Karly Gaffney is a Manager on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @_topshelf As someone who is an avid planner, with multiple calendars (shared and private) to manage both personal and […]

  • Joining the Board of the Heart and Stroke Foundation

    It’s my great pleasure to announce that I have been asked to join the Advisory Board for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, a national volunteer-based health charity whose mission is to eliminate heart disease and […]

  • Dabbling on the Darkside: An iOS’ers Android Confession

    Jordan Benedet is a Manager on the Client Strategy and Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @jbenedet. I’ve been an iPhone owner since 2008 when the 3G first came to Canada, although my initial experience […]

  • The New Wave of 3D Printing

    Karly Gaffney is a Manager on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @_topshelf I hadn’t paid much attention to 3D printing until the productions started applying to me and I could […]

  • Social Media Training Gets Formal in 2013

    James Cooper is a strategist on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group (SMG). Follow @jamescooper In his list of trends for 2013 on Fast Company, Ryan Holmes addresses a recent Harvard Business […]

  • Proving Social Media ROI Webinar 01/15/13 – Join us!

    How can you conclusively demonstrate the return on your social media investment? Research performed for The Social Customer Engagement Index 2012 revealed that two of the biggest obstacles in engaging with customers on social networks […]

  • Merry Christmas from Social Media Group!

    Is there a Santa Claus? Randy Cameron is the Art Director at Social Media Group. Facts carry weight. Facts, researched, confirmed and properly presented, have mass which attract one another. Enough facts, enough mass, enough […]

  • SMG's Best Blogs of 2012

    As the end of 2012 approaches, Social Media Group has paused to take a look back at our most popular blog posts from the year, and we’ve shared them here so you can revisit old […]

  • Social-Powered Holiday Cheer and Goodwill

    Karly Gaffney is a Manager on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @_topshelf Every so often I pull my head out of the social media world and take a look at […]

  • Many Cool Things – December 7, 2012

     Here’s the December 7th edition of  #ManyCoolThings, a Social Media Group culture jam. These are the many cool things that recently caught our attention or inspired us: Dumb ways to die, smart ways to do viral Australia’s […]

  • Spreading Local & Digital Holiday Cheer

    Jordan Benedet is a Manager on the Client Strategy and Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @jbenedet. For most, the holidays are a time to enjoy the company of family and friends while sipping […]

  • Many Cool Things – November 23, 2012

     Here’s this week’s edition of  #ManyCoolThings, a Social Media Group culture jam. These are the many cool things that recently caught our attention or inspired us: 25 years of cell phone innovation in a single image Japanese […]

  • Why Marketers Will Rule the World

    Today I’m delivering the keynote at Marketing Magazine’s 2012 Social Media Conference, and I’ll be speaking about something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately: that the explosion of customer data provided by social and […]

  • Many Cool Things – November 16, 2012

     Here’s this week’s edition of  #ManyCoolThings, a Social Media Group culture jam. These are the many cool things that recently caught our attention or inspired us: Dominic Wilcox’s giant ScotchBlue tape flower sculpture ScotchBlue and Design Milk […]

  • Many Cool Things – November 9, 2012

     Welcome to this week’s installment of  #ManyCoolThings, a Social Media Group culture jam. These are the many cool things that recently caught our attention or inspired us: Moral behaviour in animals Empathy, cooperation, fairness and reciprocity — […]

  • The Shared Experience: Live TV and Social Media

      Ruth is the Director of Business Development at Social Media Group. You can follow her @rutbas. Our family recently moved into a new house. My husband was lobbying hard to “lose the cable”. It […]

  • Many Cool Things – November 2, 2012

    Today, we held our second Social Media Group culture jam, which we call #ManyCoolThings. Here are summaries and links to the #ManyCoolThings we found this week: Facebook Gifts gets ability to make charitable contributions on behalf of […]

  • Introducing "Many Cool Things" – An SMG Culture Jam

    At Social Media Group, sparking creativity and inspiration is a collaborative effort for our clients and ourselves. Recently, we launched an SMG culture jam we call #ManyCoolThings. The idea is that, Fridays when we have lunch together […]

  • Red Cross and AMC join forces on Zombie Blood Drive

    James Cooper is a strategist on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group (SMG). Follow @jamescooper If you, like I did, watched the season three premiere of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” last night, […]

  • What tech will be in the office of the future?

    Jordan Benedet is a Manager on the Client Strategy and Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @jbenedet. Technology is changing at light speed. Everyday, a new breakthrough is announced that promises to simplify (or […]

  • How Is Your Personal Brand Doing In Social Media?

    As personal branding continues to become increasingly important, so does the need to use new strategies and techniques such as leveraging social media tools to build your brand. A social recruiting survey report published in […]

  • What Makes Us Share?

    On the face of it – Tumblr and voicemail have absolutely nothing in common… except they can provide fascinating insight into human nature and why we share what we do. This is all going to […]

  • The Future of Agencies in a Post-Social World

    I love hosting the Social Media Today “Best Thinkers” webinar series – it’s a great excuse to speak with some of the most amazing, smart and talented people working in the digital space today – […]

  • Mobile apps: If you don’t use them, lose them

    James Cooper is a strategist on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group (SMG). Follow @jamescooper “Consumers Say No to Mobile Apps That Grab Too Much Data” reads the title of a NY […]

  • A Beautiful New Building for Rotman School of Management

    Ruth Bastedo is Director, Business Development at Social Media Group. Follow @rutbas Last week, I was very pleased to attend the opening event for Rotman School of Management’s new building. Wow. I have to say, I […]

  • Social Media Group: Speaking Engagements 2012-13

    It’s that time of year again; summer is over and the big conferences are whirring back to life, hoping to entice you with (hopefully) fresh thinking, new insights and smart people telling interesting stories! I’ve […]

  • Reading in the Digital Age

    Brandon Oliver Smith is a Manager on the Strategy team at Social Media Group. Follow @brandonXoliver. “Why don’t you read a book!??” In hindsight, I should have given my mum more credit when she lectured […]

  • Closed for Labour Day

    The Social Media Group Toronto office will be closed Monday September 3, 2012 for Labour Day. The annual holiday is to celebrate the achievements of workers, originating in the labour movement, tracing back to 1872. […]

  • Take an Unplugged Vacation

    Jordan Benedet is a Manager on the Client Strategy and Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @jbenedet. As a lot of my previous posts have illustrated, I really like technology and gadgets. I’ve had […]

  • Group Buying …..Still a Good Idea for Businesses?

    Wangari Kamande is a Research Analyst at Social Media Group. If you’re an avid group buyer, you are all too familiar with the lure of buying trips to those random vacation spots in the middle of […]

  • Save Money on Dinner by Turning Off Your Phone

    Karly Gaffney is a Manager on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @_topshelf Would you power down your phone during a meal if it resulted in a discount on your bill? […]

  • Yammer Gets an Update

    Michelle McCudden is a Client Engagement Director on the Client Strategy & Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @mmccudden1 First, Yammer was bought by Microsoft for $1.2 billion.Just yesterday, it was announced that Yammer […]

  • Marketing Isn't Dead – It's Everywhere

    Last week Bill Lee wrote a controversial article in which he claimed that “marketing was dead” (yet another clever use of a traffic-grabbing title.). It was later (correctly, IMHO) pointed out that what Lee probably […]

  • The Air Hashtag: Sign It, Gesture It or Forget It? [POLL]

    James Cooper is a strategist on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group (SMG). Follow @jamescooper You’re probably familiar with and may, at some point, have used air quotes. But have you heard […]

  • The Psychology and Art of Unfriending

    Cam Finlayson is the Director and Group Head, Client Strategy & Innovation at Social Media Group. Follow @CamFinlayson I was recently asked for my thoughts on Facebook ‘unfriending’ and what effects on Facebook users – a […]

  • Upcoming Speaking Engagements

    Here’s what we’ve got on tap for the fall – hope to see you out there! 4th Annual Employee Communications, PR and Social Media Summit Oct 3-5, 2012, Microsoft Headquarters, Redmond, WA Topic: “The Five-Step […]

  • Closed for Civic Holiday

    The Social Media Group Toronto office will be closed Monday August 6, 2012,  for Civic holiday, also known as Simcoe Day in Ontario. The annual holiday is to recognize and celebrate our cultural heritage. We’ll […]

  • Webinar: Content Marketing on the Social Web

    Jordan Benedet is a Manager on the Client Strategy and Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @jbenedet. Join Maggie Fox, Ann Handley, and C.C. Chapman tomorrow, Tuesday Jul 31st at 12pm EST / 9am […]

  • The Age of the Social Shopper

    Kirsten McNeill is a Coordinator on the Content & Community team at Social Media Group. The social shopper is not a new phenomenon, but the scale and scope of the new social shopper is much […]

  • Facebook Taking More Cues from Pinterest

    Karly Gaffney is a Manager on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @_topshelf They say imitation is the highest form of flattery; I wonder if Pinterest agrees. As Pinterest continues to […]

  • Paid, Earned and Owned Are Dead

    It’s absolutely perfect timing for this blog post (which I’ve been thinking about for the last month or so), hot on the heels of Altimeter Group’s report, released this week, titled, The Converged Media Imperative: […]

  • Book Review: Grant McCracken's Culturematic

    Michelle McCudden is a Client Engagement Director on the Client Strategy & Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @mmccudden1 What do Burning Man, fantasy football, and Saturday Night Live’s Digital Shorts have in common? […]

  • Cut digital calories with News.me

    Lindsay Stanford is Director and Group Head, Content & Community, at Social Media Group. Follow @lindsaystanford Lately, I’ve been feeling a little uninformed. It sounds crazy I know, in a time when there’s a virtual […]

  • Going All City on Social Networks

    Brandon Oliver Smith is a Manager on the Strategy & Innovation team at Social Media Group. Did you know that Prada has a store located in the middle of the desert? The nearest town is […]

  • Closed for Canada Day

    The Social Media Group Toronto office will be closed Monday July 2, 2012 for Canada Day or “Canada’s Birthday”. For our non-Canadian readers, Canada Day is the national holiday to celebrate the anniversary of the […]

  • Turned off by Facebook's Facial Recognition?

    Karly Gaffney is a Manager on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @_topshelf Facebook recently acquired facial-recognition firm Face.com, reviving concerns about their use of facial-recognition technology. For those who are […]

  • The Opportunity for Nonprofits on Pinterest

    Kirsten McNeill is a Coordinator on the Content & Community team at Social Media Group. I’ve covered how B2Cs and B2Bs are using Pinterest, which leaves only one more. Are nonprofits on Pinterest and if […]

  • Bloggers Block….How do you get your mojo back?

    Wangari Kamande is a Research Analyst at Social Media Group. It’s been a long day for me. I’ve had a number of tight deliverables and research to complete, a shocking text message from my phone […]

  • SAP's Social Layer: Making Collaboration Real

    You’ll recall a few weeks back I wrote a post about attending SAP’s SAPPHIRENOW user conference this past May [disclosure: SAP has been a Social Media Group client since 2007] discussing the need for organizers […]

  • Things That Don’t Need to Be on TV: Draw Something

    Michelle McCudden is a Client Engagement Director on the Client Strategy & Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @mmccudden1 Draw Something took off quickly after its February launch, amassing 50 million downloads in only 50 […]

  • Innovative Video Platform Qwiki Arrives on Bing

    Jordan Benedet is a Manager on the Client Strategy and Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @jbenedet I originally became aware of the interactive video platform Qwiki in December 2010 when researching innovative new […]

  • WWDC Apple Updates and What They Mean for Social Media

    Yesterday, Apple dropped an atomic bomb of updates at WWDC, sending shockwaves throughout the tech world. The MacBook Pro line, OSX and iOS all received much anticipated (and at times surprising) upgrades. Those close to […]

  • Living Without Email

    Cam Finlayson is the Director and Group Head, Client Strategy & Innovation at Social Media Group. Follow @CamFinlayson When it comes to email there are typically two types of people: (i) those who generally embrace it […]

  • SAP’s SAPPHIRENOW – Optimizing the “Digital Layer”

    Social Media Group’s relationship with SAP dates back to 2007 when I was first invited by Mike Prosceno, as part of the relatively new “Blogger Program”, to attend the company’s annual user conference in Vienna. […]

  • Connecting Customer Service and Social Media

    Ruth Bastedo is Director, Business Development at Social Media Group. Follow @rutbas This week I was at a talk by Howard Grosfield, the President of Amex Bank of Canada at the Toronto Board of Trade. I […]

  • Pinterest for B2Bs – It's Possible!

    Kirsten McNeill is a Coordinator on the Content & Community team at Social Media Group. Pinterest’s popularity has grown exponentially in the past six months, leaving marketers hunting for strategic ways to get involved. Pinterest […]

  • Column: It's Time For Facebook to Grow Up

    This post was originally published by Marketing Magazine by Patrick Gladney, Director of Research and Insights at SMG. Follow him @pgladney Last week was kind of like Facebook’s Bar Mitzvah – a time for the […]

  • How HOT is Social Media Lately…

    Wangari Kamande is a Research Analyst at Social Media Group. I am sitting on my couch this quiet Saturday evening reading June’s edition of O magazine – an uncommon activity as I rarely buy magazines. […]

  • Stevie For Your TV

    Michelle McCudden is a Manager on the Client Strategy & Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @mmccudden1 I’m not an indiscriminate social networker. I keep a fairly tight circle on Facebook and try to […]

  • Closed for Victoria Day

    The Social Media Group Toronto office will be closed Monday May 21, 2012 for Victoria Day (or ‘May 2-4 Long Weekend’ depending on who you ask.) For the non-Canadians who read our blog, Victoria Day […]

  • Pinterest – Valuation, Usage & Experience

    Jordan Benedet is a Manager on the Client Strategy and Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @jbenedet Everyone is in a tizzy about the Facebook IPO today, but when I noticed that Pinterest had […]

  • Facebook IPO: Will Zuck Need to Eat His Words?

    Patrick Gladney is the Director of Research and Insights at SMG. Follow @pgladney This week represents a coming out party of sorts for the gorilla of social networks, Facebook. Any day now, the Facebook IPO means […]

  • Mother’s Day time saver: Blog post by voice dictation

    James Cooper is a strategist on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @jamescooper It’s Sunday afternoon and the weather is absolutely beautiful. I might add that it’s not just any Sunday […]

  • Foursquare Delivers a Decisive Blow to Stalkers

    Karly Gaffney is a Manager on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @_topshelf This week foursquare announced API changes to eliminate privacy concerns and creepy stalker apps like Girls Around Me. […]

  • New Start-Up Aimed at Selling Goods Socially

    Lindsay Stanford is a Director of Client Engagement, Content and Community at Social Media Group. Follow @lindsaystanford Have you ever created a song or digital art that you thought might be worth something, but were […]

  • Adding animated GIFs to your content toolbox

    Brandon Oliver Smith is Research and Insights Analyst at Social Media Group. Last July, I reviewed a new iOS app called Loopcam. Loopcam made it easy for users to capture GIF images and publish them […]

  • RIM Taking It To The Streets

      Patrick Gladney is Director, Research & Insights at Social Media Group. Follow @pgladney. In Canada, we take pride in companies that that challenge our traditional description of “hewers of wood and drawers of water.”   Over […]

  • Crowdfunding is on Steroids thanks to Social Media

    Wangari Kamande is a Research Analyst at Social Media Group. Have you ever had what you thought was a really awesome idea, business, hobby or otherwise that you would have loved to bring to life […]

  • Instagram's Path to Glory

    The emerging social photo app Instagram is having its moment in the sun.  First, there was the long awaited release of the Android application, which finally extended the service to over half of the new […]

  • Social Media Round Up for April 20

    Social Media Event Of The Week: Foursquare Day Foursquare enthusiasts worldwide observed Foursquare Day on April 16, 2012. As part of the celebration, Foursquare announced it now has over 20 million users who have checked-in […]

  • The Future of Advertising at a Glance

    Jordan Benedet is a Manager on the Client Strategy and Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @jbenedet No, I’m not talking about Catvertising. The online advertising landscape is changing at a staggering pace. A […]

  • An Update on the U.S. Digital Divide

    Michelle McCudden is a Manager on the Client Strategy & Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @mmccudden1 As part of their role in documenting internet use, the Pew Internet & American Life project released […]

  • SuperNova Awards 2012

    Constellation Research has announced their second annual Constellation SuperNova Awards to celebrate and recognize leaders and teams who have overcome the odds to successfully apply emerging and disruptive technologies for their organizations. Our own Maggie […]

  • Happy Foursquare Day (Be There and Be Square!)

    Karly Gaffney is a Manager on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @_topshelf Social media enthusiasts are gathering worldwide today to celebrate the third annual Foursquare Day.  Foursquare Day is held […]

  • It's a Happy/Sad Day at SMG

    It’s one of those days – the days where something amazing is happening for someone you like and respect (which is fantastic!), but it means parting, which is always sad. It’s my bittersweet pleasure to […]

  • Social Media Roundup for April 13

    Facebook Bought Instagram On Monday, Mark Zuckerberg announced on his Timeline that Facebook bought popular photo-sharing app Instagram for $1 billion. This was a great acquisition for Facebook since photo sharing is such an important […]

  • Closed for Good Friday

    Social Media Group’s offices in Toronto are closed Friday April 6, 2012, for Good Friday. We’re back in the office on Monday April 9, 2012. Have a safe and happy long weekend spending some quality […]

  • Instagram for Android: Love at first download

    James Cooper is a strategist on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @jamescooper I’m at a loss for words to describe how happy I am to finally have the Instagram app for […]

  • Opt-in Email Offers Consumers Consent and Value

    Leona Hobbs is Vice President & Partner at Social Media Group. Follow @flackadelic Email remains a killer app. Despite working on the cutting edge of social media and integrated digital marketing we frequently find ourselves considering […]

  • Social Media Roundup for March 30

    Michelle McCudden is a Manager on the Client Strategy & Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @mmccudden1 The Timeline Deadline is Here Today Facebook will implement the mandatory switch to Timeline for Pages. If you’ve […]

  • Yet Another Ill-Advised Tattoo

      Cam Finlayson is a Director, Client Strategy & Innovation at Social Media Group. Follow @CamFinlayson Rumour has it that Nokia is currently working on a new product idea that will ensure you never miss an […]

  • Cutting through the noise

      Brandon Oliver Smith is Research and Insights Analyst  at Social Media Group. Follow @brandonXoliver This past February, a meeting of digitally minded people took place in 12 cities across the globe. The goal was to […]

  • 3…..2…..1….We have liftoff of the new iPad.

    This post by Wangari Kamande a Research Analyst at Social Media Group. When traveling to the moon, you better ensure your aim is true at launch, or else you will miss it by a mile. […]

  • Was SXSWi Worth It?

    Karly Gaffney is a Manager on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @_topshelf After years of envious tweets and serious SXSWi FOMO, I finally made it. 2012 was my year! I […]

  • Why I Love the Cloud

    Jordan Benedet is a Manager on the Client Strategy and Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @jbenedet The “Cloud” is a word that is being frequently used by both companies and individuals. Corporate adoption […]

  • The Evolution of Social Media Measurement

    As a child growing up, I was often told that aside from reading and writing, the other skill that will come in handy in life was to being able to count. My mother specifically emphasized “count […]

  • The Next Wave of Visual Content Curation

    Last month, during Social Media Week, SMG hosted an Ignite-inspired event called Spark. I was thrilled to be one of the six speakers and chose to speak about a topic near and dear to me: […]

  • The Award for Best Viral Video (should go to): Kony 2012

    Patrick Gladney is the Director of Research and Insights at SMG. Follow @pgladney This past week, unless you were sleeping under a rock, you probably learned about Joseph Kony.  The #kony2012 video produced by Invisible Children is […]

  • Transmedia Storytelling: It’s Not Only for Fiction

    James Cooper is a strategist on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @jamescooper As part of Social Media Week Toronto last month, SMG hosted Social Media Group Spark, during which five […]

  • The Curator's Code honours attribution of discovery across the web

    Leona Hobbs is Vice President & Partner at Social Media Group. Follow @flackadelic Thrilled to introduce The Curator’s Code – a new standard for honoring attribution of discovery across the webj.mp/wxqinx — Maria Popova (@brainpicker) March […]

  • Best Thinkers Webinar Series: Liberating Big Data

    Join Maggie Fox tomorrow Tuesday March 6th at 12 pm EST / 9am PST for an exclusive live webinar from Social Media Today on Liberating Big Data. Big Data is discussed everywhere these days. It’s […]

  • Let's Stop Saying Viral

    Michelle McCudden is a Manager on the Client Strategy & Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @mmccudden1 On Friday February 17th, SMG participated in Social Media Week Toronto by hosting an Ignite-inspired event, with […]

  • Big Data and the Perception of Privacy

    Cam Finlayson is a Director on the Client Strategy & Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @CamFinlayson On Feb 17, 2012, I had the pleasure of participating in SMG’s Ignite-style Social Media Week Toronto […]

  • PodCamp Reminds Us of Our Roots

    This past weekend was PodCamp Toronto. PodCamp, for the uninitiated, is a user-generated conference (or unconference). It is open, and features sessions and content provided by participants. It is by the community and for the […]

  • Social Media Week San Francisco: SAP Social Media Day

    Last week I had the great privilege of being asked to participate in SAP’s Social Media Day in Silicon Valley; part of global Social Media Week (see here for SMG’s own contribution to SMWTO). Organized […]

  • Closed for Family Day

    Social Media Group’s offices in Toronto are closed Monday February 20, 2012 for Family Day. We’re back in the office on Tuesday February 21, 2012. Have a safe and happy holiday spending some quality time […]

  • SMG Roundup for Feb. 17, 2012 – Social Media Week Edition

    Follow @flackadelic This week’s roundup is all about Social Media Week. Social Media Week “offers a series of interconnected activities and conversations around the world on emerging trends in social and mobile media across all […]

  • Final Peek at SMG's SMWTO event happening tomorrow!

    The Ignite-inspired Social Media Group Spark event for Social Media Week Toronto is happening tomorrow morning! Here is a little preview from our final two speakers: Lindsay’s talk is called “Inspire and Ignite: The New […]

  • A Sneak Peek at SMG's SMWTO event this Friday!

    If you didn’t catch my post yesterday, this Friday Social Media Group is holding an Ignite-inspired event, Spark for Social Media Week Toronto. At Spark, SMG presenters will share their personal and professional passions, using 20 […]

  • SMG's Ignite-inspired SMWTO event this Friday!

      Inspired by Ignite, which is a geek event in over 100 cities worldwide, Social Media Group presents Spark for Social Media Week Toronto. This Friday the 17th at 9 am EDT, members of the SMG […]

  • Social Media Round Up for February 10

    Leona Hobbs is Vice President and Partner at Social Media Group she tweets @flackadelic. Economist Debates Social Networking The debate about social networks is underway over at the Economist. The assertion being debated, “this house […]

  • My Name is Karly, and I’m an Addict

    Karly Gaffney is a Manager on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @_topshelf ad·dic·tion/əˈdikSHən/ Noun: The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. While standing […]

  • How Brands Can Get Involved on Pinterest

    Kirsten McNeill is a Coordinator on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @kirstenmcne With its U.S. traffic skyrocketing to more than 10 million visits, $37 million raised in funding and an […]

  • How Brands Become Publishers in a Media Tidal Wave

    James Cooper is a strategist on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @jamescooper In the beginning, there were brands. Some of these brands were in the media business but the vast majority […]

  • February Speaking Engagements

    SMG speakers will be coming to a city near you! Throughout the month of February, three members of the SMG team will be speaking at events across North America, check out if they will be […]

  • Social Media Round Up for February 3rd

    By Kirsten McNeill and James Cooper Kirsten McNeill is a Co-ordinator on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @kirstenmcne. James Cooper is a strategist on the Content and Community team at Social […]

  • Enterprise 2.0 Summit

    Do you want to learn how to design your social enterprise? The 2012 Enterprise 2.0 Summit is happening next week (February 7-8) at the Cercle National des Armees in Paris. Speakers and attendees will dig into the understanding […]

  • The Connected Evolution

    Jordan Benedet is a Manager on the Client Strategy and Innovation team at Social Media Group. Follow @jbenedet Historically, connecting to the Internet has always been on computers, but over the last five years connectivity […]

  • Social Media and Politics – 49Pixels Recap

    The following post was submitted by Patrick Gladney, Director of Research and Insights at SMG. I enjoyed being a guest on the 49pixels podcast on on Wednesday night.   Together with National Post columnist and […]

  • Social Media Roundup for January 27

    Kirsten McNeill is a Co-ordinator on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @kirstenmcne. McDonald’s Social Media Disaster Last week McDonald’s launched a Twitter campaign to increase awareness around their use of […]

  • 5 Reasons You Should Use a Conversation Calendar

    James Cooper is a strategist on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @jamescooper With so many social media accounts, all hungry for engaging content that offers value, you might be asking […]

  • Social Media Round Up for Jan 20th

    Facebook Event Takeaway During the Facebook Launch Event this Wednesday in San Francisco, Carl Sjogreen, Facebook’s Director of Platform Products, announced the improvements to their new Open Graph and Gestures platforms it introduced during the […]

  • Twitter is Just One Piece of the Influencer Puzzle

    Karly Gaffney is a Manager on the Content and Community team at Social Media Group. Follow @_topshelf If you’re a regular SNL watcher you would have seen this past weekend’s ‘You Can Do Anything’ skit, […]

  • Instagram – A Brands Content Machine

    Lindsay Stanford is a Director of Client Engagement, Content and Community at Social Media Group. Follow @lindsaystanford About a month ago I wrote a post about Instagram becoming an up and coming social network and […]

  • Social Media Roundup for January 13

      Kirsten McNeill is a Co-ordinator, Content and Community at Social Media Group. Follow @kirstenmcne Social Media Comments in Your Search Results This week Google implemented “Search plus Your World,” a bit of a controversial […]

  • 5 Ways to Mobilize Communities for Social Good

    Michelle McCudden is a Manager of Client Strategy & Innovation at Social Media Group. Follow@mmccudden1 Actor Joshua Malina made a request on Monday via Facebook Causes for a birthday donation on his behalf to MAZON: […]

  • Social Media Round Up for January 6th

    Last year when Facebook announced their new Timeline Profile Page design during the F8 Developer Conference, it also opened up an opportunity for companies to further collaborate with the social network and to create new services around the […]

  • Here's to an Inspiring 2012

    While not one for resolutions, I can’t help but get caught up in the anticipation a new year brings. Just back to work today after the holidays, I am inspired by the potential for integrated […]

  • Personal Information Online: How Much is Too Much?

      Have you ever posted something on Facebook or Twitter and felt immediate regret? Scrambling to delete something that truly cannot be undone? You’re not alone. From Charlie Sheen tweeting his phone number, to Anthony […]

  • Top 9 Social Media Predictions and Trends for 2012

    As 2011 winds down and we prepare to kick off 2012, many digital soothsayers have peered into their crystal balls to predict the coming year in social media. We’ve searched far and wide to find […]

  • Trudeau v. Kent, That's What I Call Negative Sentiment

    Last week was a swashbuckling affair in Canada’s House of Commons.  Justin Trudeau (son of Canada’s favourite statesman, Pierre Elliot Trudeau) called fellow Minister of Parliament Peter Kent a “piece of shit” during Question Period.  […]

  • 2011: The Year of the Tablet

    Tablets are everywhere. In 2011 they have taken the personal computing world by storm. These thin, power packed devices are portable and allow users to be online, access email, video chat, and play games while on […]

  • The Great Content Challenge

    We all know we need it. We can recognize it. The challenge is to get it. To create that perfect intersection of relevance, “edutainment” value and authenticity that will make consumption of your content a […]

  • Watching with Friends: The Rise of Social TV

    As I work on this blog post, I’ve got a clear view of two screens – my laptop and the TV. This is a common occurrence at my house, and many others across North America. A […]

  • Goodbye QR Codes, Hello NFC

    A couple of weeks ago, I was scanning Advertising Age online and noticed B.L. Ochman’s article ‘No, QR Codes Aren’t Dead. They’re Just Used Badly’. As someone who has a not-so-secret aversion to QR Codes, […]

  • Social Media Roundup for December 2

        Biggest Social Network IPO in 2012? Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook is planning to roll out its long-waited IPO between April and June, 2012. The Journal also reported […]

  • Instagram – a movement in the making.

    Part instant picture, part telegram, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks today. In as little as nine months, over seven million users have downloaded the iOS-only app and contributed over 150 million pictures. […]

  • SMG Webinar – The Social Enterprise, Dec 8

      As companies accumulate more and more experience working in the new two-way communication environment imposed by social media, they encounter new, often unforeseen challenges. Companies must consider new organizational structures, a new approach to […]

  • SocialFresh Baltimore – Wednesday!

    SocialFresh is one of my favourite social media marketing conference series; generally held in medium-sized markets, it’s refreshingly free of the “usual suspects” on the conference circuit. Organizer Jason Keath always curates his events with […]

  • Social Media Roundup for November 25

    This week the roundup covers changes to Facebook’s Sponsored Stories ad unit, the shiny updated Facebook Insights (with handy infographic), Klout’s explanation of changes to their algorithm for influence and how it works by a […]

  • Movember – The Stachy Stache agenda in social

    Movember, the “scratchy stash” season is nearing an end.  I for one am delighted by this annual expression of manliness.  I love seeing men walking around looking “unfinished” (my description for men sporting the rugged […]

  • Community Manager? What's that?

      Community management is a hot topic in social. In fact, there are 48,258 people who list Community Manager as a title or Community Management as a keyword on LinkedIn. So it’s a hot space […]

  • Social Media Roundup for November 18, 2011

      Google+ Pages continued… Last week, Google announced new Google+ Pages for companies. Since then, top brands, including Pepsi, Hugo Boss, and Toyota have started to build their Google+ communities. What’s next? This week, Google announced a series […]

  • Social Media Roundup for November 11, 2011

    Google+ Business Pages The big news this week has been the much-anticipated release of Google+ Business pages. The pages function in a similar way to that of a regular Google+ profile, allowing the administrator to […]

  • Social Media as News, SMG in the news

    The new media paradigm: The fastest way to get a news story out is on twitter. Every journalist is using social to communicate and look for a scoop. Social media is a big story behind […]

  • Social Media Roundup for November 4, 2011

    Gmail’s New Look Google seems to be ever-changing and upgrading these days. This week they released the new Gmail and Google Reader layout. The new layout is supposed to be about making your view more […]

  • Social Media Roundup for Oct 28, 2011

    #occupywallstreet: where it all started Last week SMG provided  National Post with insights behind the Occupy Wall Street movement using English language Twitter data. We know that the whole thing started with a single tweet […]

  • Announcement: Social Media Group Teams Up With FPinfomart

    Today, we’d like announce an exciting new partnership between Social Media Group and Canada’s leading media monitoring service, FPinfomart. FPinfomart, a division of Postmedia Network Inc., is a one stop resource for traditional media monitoring, […]

  • Social Media Roundup for October 14th

    Apple’s Releases With the release of iOS 5 to the public on Wednesday and the iPhone 4S hitting stores today, there has definitely been some Apple buzz and excitement around the office. It’s been reported […]

  • Social Media Roundup for October 7th, 2011

    The Shift of Marketing Marketing channels are shifting as more and more people are starting to realize where they can achieve the strongest effect on their target audience. Recent research conducted by Jonas Colliander and […]

  • Financial Post features Maggie Fox as leading Canadian innovator

    We’ve got some exciting news to share! Maggie Fox and Social Media Group are featured in a new series appearing in the Entrepreneur section of the Financial Post, entitled FP Innovators. The weekly series showcases a Canadian company […]

  • Social Media Roundup for Sept 30th

    As Facebook has been on our front page for the past two weeks,we feel like we’ve missed out some big movements in the social media world.  We certainly have some catching up to do, so does […]

  • Social Media Today Webinar: WTH is Marketing Automation?

    What is marketing automation, and why should you care? Marketing automation is highly controvesial; it refers to a new class of software designed to lower costs and increase revenue by automating both marketing and (gasp) […]

  • Webinar: Defining and Building Online Influence

    We’ve partnered with Social Media Today on an ongoing (more or less weekly) webinar series, moderated by yours truly. Next week is our second: join us on September 20th at 12pm EST / 9am PST […]

  • Social Media Support for Mayor Ford – Not So Much!

    We recently completed some analysis for the Toronto Star about social media perceptions of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.   Here is a quick summary of our findings: There’s no questioning Mayor Rob Ford’s popularity among Torontonians.  He received […]

  • A quick look at Social Media in China

    Working at SMG has given me the opportunity to learn from some of the best people in the western social media industry. Luckily, my Chinese background also allows me to experience and observe the difference […]

  • Work: You're Doing It Wrong

    As is fitting on Labour Day, I’d like to draw together some threads I’ve seen over the last week, all relating to work. They may not seem initially to be connected, but don’t worry – […]

  • SXSWi 2012 Panel: The State of B2B Social Media

    Do you want to see a B2B panel at SXSWi this year? We do! Please take a minute to read through the panel description for The State of B2B Social Media and give this great […]

  • To Be Social in the Moment or To Automate?

    To be successful in social media and to create quality content takes effort and work. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s a matter of rattling off a 140 characters of verbiage into cyber space […]

  • Social Media Roundup for August 26th, 2011

    August is certainly not a quiet month in the tech and social media worlds. This week was a busy one. On the 24th, Steve Jobs, again, successfully announced his latest “mind-blowing” product called “iQuit”… but […]

  • On Joining Social Media Group

    A few months ago, I invited Leona Hobbs to speak to a group of students in a program called “Next Steps” for women entrepreneurs at Toronto’s Rotman School of Management’s Initiative for Women in Business, […]

  • @socialmedia2day Webinar: Inside Google+ w/ @MaggieFox

    Tune in Tuesday August 23rd at 12pm EST / 9am PST to the exclusive, live webinar from Social Media Today focusing on Google+. Many have argued that Google Plus could become a viable competitor to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr […]

  • iOS App Loopcam and the Animated GIF

    Oh Internet, look how far you’ve come. From AOL optical disks, IRC chat rooms, GeoCities and <blink>questionable design standards</blink> to celebrity profiles, Klout scores and rounding web company valuations to the nearest billion, you’ve seen […]

  • Joining the Board of the Empire Club of Canada!

    I’m so very pleased to announce that I have been elected to the Board of the Empire Club of Canada, effective September, 2011! In case you’re unfamiliar with the Empire Club, it’s: “One of Canada’s […]

  • What is Google+?

    Recently I’ve been thinking that social networks are getting a little too messy. I’ve felt it’s time for another big shift in how people communicate, and I’d love to see companies start to pull all the small […]

  • Holiday Notice: Canada Day – July 1, 2011

    Social Media Group’s offices in Toronto are closed Friday July 1, 2011 for Canada Day. Have a safe and happy holiday. We’re back in the office on Monday July 4… while our American friends enjoy […]

  • Social Media Group is Hiring: Client Engagement Directors!

    Yes, it’s true – in this case we’re hiring for our B2B group. And I know I’m supposed to say this, but I think we’ve created a pretty awesome place to work: SMG offers unlimited paid time off, stock option plan, performance and new business bonuses, quarterly staff events and weekly staff lunches, plus whatever other fun stuff we can squeeze in between. In exchange, all we ask is for total awesomeness.

  • Social Gaming is the New Black

    Gamification and social gaming are two trends that are taking social network communities to an entirely new level.  Although very different animals, the growing popularity and fast-moving industry is catching the eyes of both investors […]

  • Why Are Women Afraid of Foursquare?

    Recently, I made the decision to join Foursquare a location-based social network for mobile devices. The service came to market in 2009 and has steadily been growing in popularity with users internationally. However, despite the healthy […]

  • SAP's SAPPHIRENOW: Women's Leadership Summit

    Since 2007 I have had the pleasure of participating in SAP’s Influencer Program. This group of digital influencers are invited to attend events like SAPPHIRENOW (SAP’s huge annual ecosystem conference – think MacWorld, but SAP) […]

  • Osama Bin Laden, The White House and Social Media

    I remember September 11th the way my parents’ generation remembers the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Except that we invariably ask each other the question, “Where were you when you first saw it on TV?” […]

  • Elections Canada: Tweet At Your Own Peril

    Canada.  The true north strong and free.  And wide.  Six time zones wide. Our nation’s girth has long presented a challenge for Elections Canada.  In a country where half the population is compacted into two […]

  • Should the RFP Die? Probably. Will it? Probably Not.

    Colleague Todd Defren posted yesterday his wish that the RFP would “Die, Die, Die!” He kindly linked to the Social Media RFP Template, noting that we’d likely helped to make the process a little easier, […]

  • 4 Reasons Internship at SMG is Awesome

    Don’t miss out on an internship like no other. Social Media Group’s deadline to apply for spring/summer internships is March 31, 2011.

  • Social Media Roundup for March 11, 2011

    Our thoughts are with the people in Japan and everyone devastated by the quake and tsunami. In the Roundup this week - New and cool app updates, a scathing critique of a not-viral video, a fan community devoted to Disney's Haunted Mansion, Paula Deen Riding Things. Oh, and SMG is en route to Austin for SxSWi.

  • Featured Job Opp @ SMG – Community Manager

    As noted in earlier blog posts,  we are expanding rapidly stemming from both new account wins and increased responsibility serving our existing clients.  I wanted to use this post to speak to one specific opportunity […]

  • Social Media Roundup for Feb 11, 2011

    It’s that time of week again… here’s all the news that’s fit to tweet from the social web, a lot of which has to do with Google… and also some silly stuff that we thought […]

  • Social Media Group Has a New Home!

    We’re incredibly excited to announce that the Social Media Group team is starting a new week in brand-spanking-new offices! SMG has picked up and moved to 460 Richmond Street West, in Toronto, a fantastic new […]

  • Social Media Roundup for January 14, 2011

    We Love Our Facebook OnlineSchools.org released a great infographic this week, detailing the ways that people use (or sometimes over-use?) Facebook. It’s interesting to note, but not too surprising, just how far Facebook’s reach extends: […]

  • Happy Holidays from Team SMG

    It’s the last official working day of 2010 for those of us who work at SMG, as we’ll all be taking some time off next week to celebrate the holidays and ring in the new […]

  • Why I Joined SMG

    As the old saying goes, a rolling stone gathers no moss. As a proud, newly minted member of Social Media Group, I am confident that there’ll be no lichens sprouting on my sides any time soon, because this company is on the move.

  • Social Media Roundup for December 17, 2010

    2010 Twitter Statistics Revealed Social media monitoring company Sysomos has released a new study on Twitter usage comparing 2009 data to 2010. The company examined over a billion tweets and discovered some pretty interesting findings. […]

  • Introducing the Social Media RFP v2.0 / RFP "Bill of Rights"

    In January 2010 Social Media Group released the original Social Media Request for Proposal (SMRFP) template to help organizations select providers of social media professional services. This template was covered extensively in the media and […]

  • Are you captivating your audience with story?

    The audience will not tune in to watch information. You wouldn’t, I wouldn’t. No one would or will. The audience will only tune in and stay tuned in to watch drama. ~ David Mamet Robert […]

  • SMG Roundup for November 26: Turkey Time Edition

    Mmm.mmm..Coffee Gravy. Maggie and I hereby nominate the Turdunkin take first prize in the Great Turkey Meme for 2010. (via someecards) Cookie Monster Auditions for SNL Muppets Studios releases cool social content around Thanksgiving (last […]

  • Social Media Roundup for November 19, 2010

    Got a Minute? Would you give a minute to make your city better? That’s all that CEOs for Cities, a “civic lab of today’s urban leaders” is asking you to do. Their new Give a […]

  • Online Privacy: You're Doing it Wrong

    Today I delivered a keynote at Defrag 2010, one of the best and most interesting conferences I am lucky enough to be able to attend (their tagline is “accelerating the a-ha moment”). I was pretty […]

  • Social Media Roundup for November 12, 2010

    Living Your Life on Facebook Artist Maxime Luère has created a video, showing one man’s journey through life, as documented by Facebook. “A Life through Facebook” follows Alex Droner through the process of joining Facebook, […]

  • Now Hiring: Social Media Group Intern

    We're looking for a student or recent grad who can join our growing team and hit the ground running. This is an entry-level opportunity for a three-month contract. The deadline for submissions is 11:59 p.m. November 26, 2010.

  • Demonstrating Social Media ROI

    A few weeks ago, I delivered a presentation at BlogWorld Expo 2010 about some of our recent work in blending earned, paid and owned social media (I also recently did a 90-minute Bulldog Reporter PR […]

  • Social Media Roundup: Best of Halloween 2010

    This week's social media roundup is special for Halloween, here are seven of our favorites from around the social web - videos, costumes, treats, games and pumpkins. Enjoy and have a safe and awesome Halloween from all your friends at Social Media Group.

  • Webinar: Leveraging Paid Social Media to Demonstrate ROI

    Social media placements are great, but are they really helping you reach your PR and marketing objectives? Are they driving clicks to your web site, boosting awareness of your key messages and ultimately driving sales? If not, you may want to learn more about a fast-rising trend: paying for social media placements.

  • Social Media Group's Vacation Policy on CBC's The National

    We were surprised and overwhelmed at the response to our recent blog post detailing our unlimited vacation policy. We were inundated by calls from media - radio, national print and television. This story obviously hit a chord with folks.

  • Webinar: The Art of Giving Up Control

    Steve Rubel and Maggie Fox work closely with some of the biggest businesses in the world, where they frequently counsel leaders who are afraid to give up control.

  • Social Media Roundup for September 24, 2010

    This week's round up of cool and interesting tid bits from the great wide world of the Internets includes: Google's new experimental video ad; two examples of people using social media to inspire change and dialogue; why network data mining holds so much promise and a list of the best cracks made on Twitter about this week's Facebook outage.

  • Foursquare: Shiny Object or Mainstream?

    Over the weekend, Foursquare scored a major coup via a new partnership with American Eagle: they got their name and logo plastered all over Times Square.

  • Leona Hobbs receives TIAW World of Difference 100 Award

    We're incredibly honoured to announce that our very own Leona Hobbs, Vice President of Social Media Group, has been named a recipient of The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) World of Difference 100 award.

  • Facebook: All Your Eyeballs Are Belong To Us!

    Remember how we told you it was time to stop building microsites, think like a broadcaster and build channel? Well, big brands have been doing that very successfully.

  • Vote Canadian: panels at SxSW 2011

    As SMG is proud to be Canadian, we thought it would be nice to show some 'Canada love' and post (and strongly encourage voting for!) Canadian panels that were proposed for next year.

  • Marketing… with user manuals?

    This is essentially marketing with user manuals, which sounds absurd. Except that the audience in this case wants it, and it is helping to generate sales.

  • Trying to fit Foursquare into a round hole

    Guess what, folks? Foursquare is a startup, not CNN, and they are figuring out their ad model in this emerging space in realtime. That's called "innovation", and in a nutshell? It's not them - it's YOU.

  • Enterprise 2.0: What if sales lived in the “cloud”?

    If sales is now horizontally integrated across the org, living in a kind of “process cloud”, when someone in customer service or communications or research identifies a prospect with an itch their product can scratch, they can feed that lead right into the appropriate node in the sales pipeline. Opportunity seized.

  • Joining the Social Media Today Board!

    I’m extremely pleased to announce that I will be joining the Social Media Today Blogger Board. After joining the Social Media Collective in 2007 (which later morphed into the SMT community), it’s been amazing and […]

  • On Influence and Social Circles

    Whilst Fast Company is busy mistaking pyramid schemes for influence in a noisy and much discussed way, quietly making the rounds has been a fascinating presentation by Paul Adams, User Experience Research at Google, in […]

  • How to Ensure Content Quality on the Fly

    In Breaking More Than Just News, Richard Ingram says it’s more important than ever to check and recheck your content before publishing it – especially when you’re under deadline: As Google begins to apply further […]

  • Get to The Point Faster

    Eric Reiss offers 20 tips on writing for the web that will help you make sure your information is clear, objective, and structured to quickly get to the point. For example: Take a critical look […]

  • Social Media Roundup for June 18, 2010

    Twitter Places There is a huge amount of information that streams through, but depending on the topic, it is not always relevant to your particular geographical location. To help solve this problem, Twitter is launching their Places […]

  • Social Media Roundup for June 11, 2010

    Bing Adds Facebook & Twitter Updates Bing lovers can rejoice! On Wednesday Microsoft launched their social implementation of Bing, which indexes data from Twitter, Facebook fan pages, and Facebook updates that are shared to “everyone.” There is also the functionality […]

  • How to Position Collaboration Software in Your Organization

    Gia Lyons offers a visual guide to the role of collaboration software vis-à-vis email, instant messaging, conference calls and in-person meetings, content management systems, and existing intranets. SBS addresses all the messy collaboration that goes […]

  • Social Media Roundup for June 4, 2010

    AP Stylebook Adds Social Media Guidelines The Associated Press has recognized that social media is being used more and more by professional journalists. To help facilitate the evolution they have released the 2010 Edition of […]

  • Social Media Roundup for May 28, 2010

    Youth get smart about privacy settings Today’s youth may have a reputation for texting in short hand, but they are proving to be a savvy bunch when it comes to privacy on social networks. A […]

  • Does Your Online Community Have "Sitegeist"?

    Theresa Nielsen Hayden, cofounder of the website Making Light, and community manager of Boing Boing, uses the term sitegeist to define the atmosphere of a website with a vibrant community: “When you really get a […]

  • Social Media Roundup for May 21, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Mukhtar! A Copenhagen bus driver named Mukhtar got a big birthday surprise this year – a flash mob of almost 100 people celebrating his special day. Mukhtar was planning to take the day […]

  • SAP: Most Extensive Use of Social Media by a Corporation

    A whitepaper released recently by the Aspen Institute, titled Leveraging the Talent-Driven Organization, written based on a discussion that took place at the Aspen Institute Roundtable on Talent Development, presents a very interesting thesis, The […]

  • Social Media Roundup for May 14, 2010

    What else can we get Betty White to do… Betty White sure is one popular lady. The former Golden Girls star started making headlines after a Facebook page campaigning to have her host Saturday Night […]

  • Balancing Community Growth and Personal Engagement

    John Lepp questions social media experts who preach about the importance of engagement, but build such large followings that they either can’t – or won’t – make time to acknowledge and respond to the people […]

  • Social Media Roundup for May 7, 2010

    Twitter Launches Embeddable Tweets This week Twitter launched it’s new embeddable tweets feature called Blackbird Pie. The tool is really simple to use and produces a string of embed code that you can insert just […]

  • Social Media Roundup for April 30,2010

    How’s this for an Internet throwback Hats off to Mashable for finding this awesome Geocities-izer tool. The site lets you enter any website into the tool and spits out what the page would have looked […]

  • Social Media Roundup for April 23, 2010

    Facebook continues it’s quest to takeover the web Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced some big changes at the f8 Facebook Developer Conference this week. We learned that Facebook Connect and Facebook Lite are getting the […]

  • White House: Twitter is Hard!

    In this article from the Politico blog, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs explains that writing for Twitter can be an incredible challenge, “It takes an amazing amount of discipline to write out all of […]

  • Social Media Roundup for April 16, 2010

    Twitter announces Promoted Tweets Twitter has been making all kinds of headlines this week. Some interesting stats coming out of Chirp! reveal that Twitter’s user base has grown to 105 million registered users with 300,000 […]

  • Promoted Tweets: Experiment Now!

    Yesterday’s big news that Twitter is finally unveiling a revenue model has been greeted with a flood of digital ink. “Promoted Tweets“, or “paid placement” of advertiser’s content in user’s Twitter streams will work like […]

  • Social Media Roundup for April 9, 2010

    Starting this week’s roundup with a hat tip to the fine folks at LG, who recognized the intrigue of the man behind the beard! iPad hits the streets With the release of the iPad in […]

  • Social Media Roundup April 2, 2010

    Facebook switches “Fans” for “Likes” An Associated Press story tells us that Facebook will no longer use the term “become a fan of” in favour of the more colloquial and direct “like”. The terminiology change […]

  • Predicting Tie Strength With Social Media

    Eric Gilbert and Karrie Karahalios of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have begun to study how social media can be used to predict tie strength in a sample of 2,184 Facebook relationships: They asked […]

  • Social Media Roundup for March 26, 2010

    Location Tweets Coming Home to Roost It isn’t only the robbers that you need to worry about when telling your Facebook friends about your vacation or checking in on Foursquare from Hawaii, but your insurance […]

  • Canadians spend more time online than watching TV

    Pollster Ipsos-Reid reported this week that for the first time ever their research showed: “the weekly Internet usage of online Canadians has moved ahead of the number of hours spent watching television. This latest finding […]

  • Social Media Roundup for March 19, 2010

    It’s the Social Media Roundup, and I’m just bitter I didn’t get to go to sunny Austin. …because if I had, I may have been part of the world’s longest live-streamed crowd surf. SXSWhatever So […]

  • Twitter @anywhere on the Internet

    A newly-announced service from Twitter, called @anywhere, will eventually allow people to add the Twitter experience to any website: Imagine being able to follow a New York Times journalist directly from her byline, tweet about […]

  • Ford wins PR Week Award for Best Use of Social Media!

    We’d like to extend our sincere congratulations to our client Ford Motor Company for this week’s win at the PR Week Awards! This past Thursday in New York (where we were all very dressed up, […]

  • Social Media Roundup March 12, 2010

    Role of Community Managers Growing in the Enterprise Dion Hinchcliffe over at the EnterpriseIrregulars has written an enlightening post on the rapidly evolving role of community managers in large companies. He also points us to […]

  • Social Media Roundup for March 5, 2010

    See ya later February. It’s March. Here is the first Roundup of the month. OK Go! Video And you thought setting up a game of Dominoes with your old CD collection was tricky. OK Go! […]

  • Social Media Roundup for February 26, 2010

    Does Yelp put Skeletons Back in Closet for Advertisers? An interesting lawsuit is being reported by MediaPost about a veterinary clinic in California suing the popular ratings site Yelp over an alleged offer to bury […]

  • Social Media Roundup for February 19, 2010

    Messing With the Wrong Twit Kevin Smith is a big guy. Kevin Smith got kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for allegedly being too big. Kevin Smith tells his 1.5 million Twitter followers. Southwest Airlines […]

  • Social Media Roundup for February 12, 2010

    Google’s Latest Buzz Sure, you update your status on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and every other social network, but sometimes that just isn’t enough for you – thank goodness for Google Buzz. Buzz is integrated into […]

  • Social Media Roundup for February 5, 2010

    First off, thanks to everyone who came out to our Social Media Week Toronto event last night on the Social Media RFP. I need to call our the excellent work on Social Media Week Toronto […]

  • SMG is Hiring – A LOT

    Social Media Group is one of the world’s largest independent social media agencies, and we are growing, growing, growing! As a result we’re looking to add more awesomeness to our team, in a variety of […]

  • Warm up with SocialFresh Tampa!

    What could possibly be better than a trip to Tampa in February? How about a trip to Tampa in February to listen and learn from some of the leading thinkers and (perhaps more importantly) doers […]

  • Social Media Roundup for January 29, 2010

    Apparently Apple released a product Wednesday Is it just me or did the iPad feel like old news before it was 30 minutes old? The advance rumours were (in some cases) so accurate this time […]

  • Social Media Week Toronto: An Event at SMG T.O.

    Social Media Week is fast approaching –February 1-5, 2010- and we’re doing a little prep. In fact, the prep isn’t little at all unless you’re a superhero. It involves moving all of the furniture around […]

  • Social Media Round Up for January 22, 2010

    Rung added to Social Technographics Ladder Remember Forrester’s Social Technographics ladder from back in 2007? Well things have changed since then and surprise, surprise all, the active categories are growing, showing that we are all […]

  • Social Media Roundup for January 15, 2010

    The Social Media Roundup – building great ideas one 4×2 brick at a time. Online LEGO Maniacs Unite! LEGO has launched their new social media hub this week, curating and aggregating content produced by LEGO […]

  • Social Media RFP: Ask the Right Questions, Find the Right Partner

    More companies, brands and organizations are seeking social media counsel, services and campaigns than ever before. More agencies, practitioners and so-called social media gurus (see below) are positioning themselves as experts with all the answers. […]

  • Social Media Roundup for January 8, 2010

    Plumber? Telegram? Flowers?  No, it’s the Social Media Roundup. …or a dolphin. New TXT From GreatWhite32 – OMNOMNOMNOM Lifeguards along Australia’s Perth coastline will soon be receiving notifications from 74 different great white sharks by […]

  • The 2010 Longterm Forecast

    Happy New Year from all of us at Social Media Group! A new year ’round here means new speaking engagements- and we’re excited! If you’re in a city, town or county near; Greensboro, Waterloo, San […]

  • Will 2010 Be the Watershed Year for Media and Advertisers?

    Just before the holiday, Pepsi dropped a bombshell: they are cutting their Superbowl ads, instead spending $20 million on something called the Pepsi Refresh Project, a “social media” campaign that will hand out tens of […]

  • Social Media Roundup, December 24, 2009

    Shine up your crystal ball and air out the wizard hat, because this is the time of year when everyone is making predictions. So this week on the Social Media Roundup we have a collection […]

  • The Evolution of Comments

    I had a fascinating conversation with Khris Loux of Echo yesterday about the state of commenting in social media. We discussed how there is a lot less commenting on original blog posts these days and […]

  • Social Media Roundup for December 18, 2009

    Twitter is making tweeting for business a little more manageable by testing a new feature called Contributors that will allow multiple users to contribute to a central account. The service is still in beta and […]

  • Social Media Roundup for December 11, 2009

    To kick things off this week, our very own Norval Wilson suggests you check out the demo of Sixth Sense, a project from MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interface Group for a taste of how awesome […]

  • Social Media Roundup for December 4, 2009

    The Social Media Roundup: It’s like a gang of ninjas attacking you with awesomeness.  Be sure to get a good seat, and keep your eyes peeled. Our Shuriken are Shaped Like Maple Leaves An article […]

  • Social Media Success: Framework for Experimentation

    Social media moves faaast. So fast that I’m often asked by panicked clients if I think “things will slow down” and allow them to “catch up”. Um, no. No one will ever hang a “Mission […]

  • New FTC Guides: disclosure comes to the social media masses

    Today is a new day. The FTC’s recent updates to its guides (“Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”) for advertisers are now in affect. These new guides impact both users of […]

  • Social Media Roundup for November 27, 2009

    I see a little silhouetto of a clam.  No…no, wait that’s just the Social Media Roundup. This week, the Muppets helped YouTube’s recent rollout of 1080p HD video with a fantastic rendition of Queen’s Bohemian […]

  • Just because it's a crowd doesn't make it wise

    In fact, sometimes it’s just a mob. And mobs can be very ugly. danah boyd’s keynote yesterday at Web 2.0 Expo was a prime example of a mob mentality. Behind each of the speakers ran […]

  • Your Blog Isn't Special And You Have No Followers

    There is a quaint notion surrounding social media that ‘everyone is special and every voice matters’.  This viewpoint is a powerful one: that every voice has an equal footing and every one deserves an equal […]

  • Social Media Roundup for November 13, 2009

    It's the Social Media Roundup, and we're all a year older, wiser, and awesome...r. That's right, SMG celebrated 3 fan-damn-tastic years of operational awesomeness last week, with special guest - the endangered caribou! I'll let the stars of the video kickoff for the week say it better than I So now that THAT'S stuck in your head, on to the news.

  • SMG Turns 3 – Saving the 'Bou

    The last few months, SMG has been working with a coalition of environmental groups (Forest Ethics, David Suzuki Foundation, Greenpeace and Canopy) on a campaign to help save the Woodland Caribou and protect their habitat […]

  • New swag: SMG GelaSkins for your iPhone

    No doubt about it, the SMG-ers are addicted to mobile. So when we were heading into conference season and needed new SMG company swag, Maggie had the brilliant idea of partnering with Toronto-based GelaSkins to […]

  • Social Media Roundup for November 6, 2009

    Hello again, boys and girls. It's the Social Media Roundup, brought to you by the letters S, M, and G, and the number 3. In honour of Sesame Street's 40th birthday, I'm taking a page out of Google's book and tossing up one of my personal favourite sketches to start off the roundup.

  • Building Channel, or Why Microsites are a Bad Idea

    I’m starting to repeat myself. We’ve been having very similar conversations about social media with virtually all of our clients over the last eight months or so, the main point being: “You need to start […]

  • Social Media Roundup for October 30, 2009

    Thank gawd it’s Friday the Social Media Roundup. In a Hallowe’en vein this week, I think we should start our roundup off with a lovely bit of Tarantino noir: remixed. …and on with the show. Facebook […]

  • Social Media Roundup for October 23, 2009

    Friday already. The SMG-ers had a big week. I hope yours was cool too. I saw this video a while back and my friend Anne shared it on Facebook today. I think we all need […]

  • It's gonna get Mesh-y!

    This Thursday, the creators of popular Toronto conference Mesh, open the doors of Circa to throw the first (of many, we hope) meshmarketing Conference. meshmarketing comes at a time where there is a huge demand […]

  • Social Media Roundup for October 16, 2009

    Well, they say good ideas never die, they just become retro.  And in that spirit, we’re resurrecting the Social Media Roundup.  We haven’t done one of these since well before I was hired here at […]

  • The Digital Natives are Getting Restless

    I wrote this more than a year ago but refrained from publishing it because the person behind the post just wasn’t comfortable with it at the time. I would like to have been able to […]

  • Crisis Communications 2.0 – Worth the Gamble?

    photo by http2007 Next weekend, Maggie heads for Sin City and there’s no way what happens in Vegas is going to stay there. It’s the 2009 BlogWorld & New Media Expo! You can bet the […]

  • Managing Social Media Conference 2009

    Yesterday Leona Hobbs, our Director of Communications, and I both presented at the Managing Social Media Conference put on by the Canadian Institute in Toronto. We were in some great company, among the “who’s who” […]

  • Social Media Group and Save The 'Bou

    A number of folks picked up on our kick off to the “Save The ‘Bou” campaign this morning. I’d like to thank everyone who helped us get our message off the ground. And I’d also […]

  • Welcome to the new SMG website!

    Welcome to the new SMG website. You’ll notice it’s bigger, featuring expanded content and a lot more emphasis on our products and services, clients, work experience and amazing case studies. SMG marked our three year […]

  • Ethics Of Blogging Webinar Audio Replay Available Now

    I’m Lindsey McInerney and I’m the intern here at SMG. If you missed the Social Media Today webinar last Thursday, you can check out thearchive of the audio. Maggie moderated a great discussion with Augie […]

  • Girl Geek Dinners – a remarkable movement

    I’m getting my notes together for my MC duties for tonight’s Toronto Girl Geek Dinner. We’re expecting 50 or so women (and men) from the Toronto technology community to come out to reconnect with friends, […]

  • Free Ethics of Blogging Webinar Sept 24th

    With the Federal Telecommunications Commission about to weigh in on disclosure expectations for bloggers, debates about what’s acceptable in the realm of “sponsored conversations” and heated discussions about whether “pay per post” isethical or even worthwhile, if you’re a business […]

  • SMG Among Top Global Social Media Agencies

    Photos courtesy of Leo Reynolds We’re in great company. Today SMG was listed among one of the Top 14 Global Social Media Agencies. The post, compiled after much Twitter and personal polling by the uber-connected Jason Keath, […]

  • Your Good Name: Protecting Trademark Without Being A Bully

    Trademarks are an early form of reputation management. Time was, you couldn’t hop onto Yelp, look up a person’s eBay score or glance over their review history on Amazon. When you were handed a sword to defend hearth […]

  • The varying degrees of grey in blog ethics

    I’m Sharon, I’m new to SMG’s Influencer Outreach Practice. Now that we have that out of the way, a few words about ethics and transparency… When it comes to conversations about ethics, it’s always interesting to […]

  • Connect with SMG at Upcoming Events

    Please join SMG at these upcoming events. Canadian Women in Communications Webinar: Sept. 22 CWC-AFC is launching its new series of webinars for the 2009-2010 season, starting with Online Branding & Reputation…A Conversation with Leona Hobbs, […]

  • SMG Sponsors Defrag 2009

    I’m very pleased to announce that SMG will be sponsoring Defrag 2009, being held November 11&12 in Denver, Colorado. In case you’re not familiar with this conference: Defrag is the first conference focused solely on […]

  • O'Reilly's Ignite Coming to Toronto

    Have you ever been to an Ignite event? They’re fascinating. Presenters get five minutes with 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. Topic? Whatever you want (very much like Trampoline Hall in that respect). Here’s […]

  • SMG Panels for SxSWi – Voting is Now Open!

    SxSWi is the largest (and possibly the least expensive) interactive conference in the world. It’s often referred to as “spring break for geeks“, and aside from the obligatory SxSWi flu that everyone seems to leave […]

  • What Does it Take to be a "Top 10" Social Media Speaker?

    This is an excerpt from a post I wrote for the Technically Women blog yesterday afternoon. With Twitter back up today, it’s been much-discussed, and was subsequently re-posted on ZDnet by Dennis Howlett, so I […]

  • Engaged social media? Ready, set, integrate.

    “Social media is one more tool in your marketing toolbox. Social media-based marketing is one more ingredient in your overall mix. Sure, it may have a different set of rules, but then so does copy […]

  • Ford one of Top Ten Brands Using Social Media

    When we started working with Ford Motor Company in July 2007, social media was a top priority within the Communications department. They understood fully that they needed to “get” social media – as one senior […]

  • Bias Vs. Astroturfing

    Astroturfing (verb): The act of a biased stakeholder imitating an unbiased consumer via social media comments, blog posts or reviews. In essence trying to fake a “grassroots” movement. This practice, while repugnant to most social […]

  • SMG is Hiring: The Best Project Manager in the World!

    Location: Toronto, Ontario About the Company: Founded in 2006, Social Media Group is one of the world’s largest independent agencies helping companies navigate the social web. It’s a cool time to be us – we’re […]

  • Is E2.0 Optional?

    I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend my first E2.0 conference in Boston earlier this month. Unfortunately, I missed about half of it because of a cancelled flight and some operations issues […]

  • Join our team as Manager, Influencer Outreach

    We’re looking for a passionate social media practitioner to join our growing team. Based in our Toronto branch office, you’ll be responsible for providing top-notch service to some of North America’s leading brands. As a […]

  • FTC Challenges Online Marketing Methods

    The self-regulating word-of-mouth marketing that happens online may soon change thanks to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC believes that since consumers are increasingly turning to blogs for goods and services advice, the people […]

  • Digital Crisis Communications – what matters

    Newsflash: you no longer have 12, 24 or 48 hours to craft a response to a crisis. #AmazonFAIL took less than 40 hours to go from initial blog post to the print edition of the […]

  • Social Media Group now working with Parks Canada

     Parks Canada manages, protects and educates about Canada’s natural and cultural heritage treasures and SMG is thrilled to announce that we have been selected to assist in managing their brand in the dynamic world of […]

  • Finding Patterns in Noise: Listening to the Mob

    photo by joiseyshowaa Earlier this month, to paraphrase Mr. Kenobi, a million @replies cried out and were suddenly silenced. By now, much has already been written about the #fixreplies fiasco, but what I haven’t seen […]

  • Professional Associations Need to get Linked In to Survive

    handshake 1 via oooh.oooh Belonging to a professional association can be a valuable experience. I belong to two professional associations, which I believe have helped me develop a vibrant, fulfilling career. Despite this, I often […]

  • How much does Social Media rely on Traditional Media?

    It seems like every week we hear about another nail in the coffin of traditional media, especially newspapers. According to NewspaperDeathwatch.com, the print editions of The Tucson Citizen, Rocky Mountain News, Baltimore Examiner and many […]

  • Microsoft to sponsor May 12 TGGD

    Microsoft Canada is providing some fantastic door prizes for tonight’s event. There are many goodies, including a phenomenal Zune MP3 Player, a copy of Windows Office Home & Student Edition, The Explorer Mouse and The […]

  • Niagara Rises With Social Media

    Ah the Falls, no matter how many times I see them, they’re always just amazing. The Niagara Falls that Canadians have grown to know, love and be proud of is full of glassy-eyed tourists, glitz […]

  • Case Study: Yamaha's Conversation with their Customers

    Yesterday Chris Reid and I co-presented a case study at the Canadian Marketing Association’s 2009 National Conference on Sled Talk, Yamaha Motors‘ corporate blog, which was launched in March 2007. Here’s the blurb: It’s been […]

  • Identity and the domain name

    Doug’s post last week got me thinking about how personal brand and reputation map to identity. By way of disclosure, I’ll preface this post by saying that before SMG, I worked for a company whose […]

  • Writing for Social Media vs. Writing for Government

    I’m approaching my one-month anniversary at SMG and I can’t believe how fast the time has flown. My name is Janine and I am the newest addition to this fabulous team. Prior to joining SMG, […]

  • Thoughts on my first Mesh conference

    Last week I went to Mesh, a web conference in Toronto. This year was it’s fourth year, but my first.  While I have a few posts in mind about specific speakers and workshops, I thought […]

  • Who owns your personal brand?

    I have never been a fan of the notion of “personal brands”. I get the meaning of how one can build a brand-like presence based on your interactions with social networks, what pops up when […]

  • SMG is hiring – Project Managers!

    Social Media Group is hiring! We’re looking for a kickass project manager based in our new Toronto branch office. Here are the details, and you can download the full job description here. SMG is looking […]

  • Talking Whose Language?

    Do you remember, way back in your salad days, hanging out with your friends and chatting away about the things that were of utmost importance? Remember the time one of your parents thought they could […]

  • How do you keep track of your relationships?

    When I first started in the digital influencer relations practice, here at SMG, I had no need for a contact management system outside the one I had on my mobile. We’ve done some growing since […]

  • Does #AmazonFAIL actually matter?

    For those of you unfamiliar with the #amazonfail phenomenon, here it is in a nutshell: Hundreds of gay-and lesbian-themed books suddenly disappeared from Amazon.com’s rankings over the weekend, causing an uproar among authors and activists […]

  • Web 2.0 Expo Presentation: On Slideshare!

    Yesterday Scott Monty and I delivered SMG’s case study about “setting content free” at Ford to a pretty good-sized audience at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. I’ve also uploaded the slides to Slideshare: Setting […]

  • Looking for an Influencer Outreach Ninja

    How would you like the chance to work with the Social Media Group’s influencer outreach team to execute some amazing project work? Our team is dedicated to finding, nurturing and building relationships with digital influencers. […]

  • Internal Unconferences: InnovationCamp

    Sometimes it seems like the harder I am working, the less time I have to scan the horizon for what is coming next. Social media refuses to sit still and today’s darling-in-beta can quickly become […]

  • SMG Sponsoring SxSW Launch Party

    SMG is all about bringing beverages to the people! This year we’re very proud to announce that we’re sponsoring the official launch party at SxSWi – the Mix at Six. For those of you unfamiliar […]

  • This title's just six words long.

    This past Wednesday I was spoke to a PR class at my alma mater, Niagara College. I love school. Honestly, if I won the lottery, I would (eventually) end up back in learning the craziest […]

  • Of Knives and Trends…

    A few days back, Jamie took a slice out of his left pinkie. Obviously, Qs, As and Zs will be problematic for a while, but otherwise he’s okay. Now, being the one working most of […]

  • The Web 2.0 Testimonial

    Just as 81% of online consumers do online research before making a purchase, organizations looking for partners should do the same (I know that we do – and we also Google all prospective employees, and […]

  • SMG is looking for a Damn Good Account Supervisor

    Do you find yourself managing your pet’s expectations? If a friend asks for a favour do you have them sign off on a scope of work document? Do you schedule weekly status reports with your […]

  • The Publishing Revolution Part II – UA flight 1549

    Last week I wrote about watching the publishing revolution in action at The North American International Auto Show. Just a few short days later, we saw another, more distributed example of this total and utter […]

  • Watching the publishing revolution at NAIAS

    For the early part of this week, I’m at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit accompanying a group of bloggers we’ve invited to attend as guests of one of our clients, Ford. […]

  • Netbooks: mobile social computing laptop killers

    It’s January 10th and high time I made some prognostications about some of the things to come in 2009. I’m going to sum up something that has been on my mind this week in one […]

  • Polkaroo, Public Brodcasting and SMG

    Back in November I had the pleasure of attending the opening of TVO‘s (some may know it by its old name of TV Ontario) new state-of-the-art digital production facility. Honoured at the party was TVO’s […]

  • December Facebook Statistics – Canada

    I’m prepping for an interview with CBC radio this afternoon, and in doing so have been looking up the latest stats on a number of things, all Canadian-focused. To that end, I’d like to share […]

  • Santa Issues a Social Media Press Release!

    We’re delighted to be able to close out the year by announcing our newest client partnership: SMG has signed North Pole Partners and their CEO Santa Claus as one of our first clients on Digital […]

  • Why Do People Use Social Media?

    This past Saturday morning I was preparing some notes for a panel discussion at the Schulich School of Business Alumni Forum taking place in Toronto. Our panel moderator had put together three questions she wanted […]

  • Nov 20th: Final Toronto Girl Geek Dinner of 2008

    Hard to believe, but we’ve opened up registration for the final Toronto Girl Geek Dinner of 2008. We will be going out with a bang, however. Our sponsor, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, has graciously agreed to pick up […]

  • Public Relations is spin.

    I had the privilege of attending the 2008 Public Relations Society of America International Conference in Detroit. I’ll be writing an account of each of the sessions I’ve attended and highlight the take-aways from each […]

  • 2008 PRSA International Conference

    The beginning of last week was an educational whirlwind for me while I was at the 2008 Public Relations Society of America International conference in Detroit. I engaged in many sessions, met a ton of […]

  • Unconference success! Talk is Cheap 2.0

    Congratulations to Toronto’s Centennial College on their second annual unconference, Talk is Cheap. Nothing screams success like the ability to put on another much anticipated event. This year, Social Media Group is proud to participate […]

  • Most Useful iPhone App You Might Not Get To Use.

    This was supposed to be a post about a cool iPhone app that provides direct (and easy) access to every roadside traffic web cam in the city (available cities listed on the website). The app […]

  • Is it "Collaboration", or Matchmaking?

    A few weeks ago, I was the guest of SAP’s Blogger Relations program at TechEd Las Vegas. One of the announcements that week was the sponsorship of the SAP Innovation & Technology Pavilion within the […]

  • Building relationships is the end goal

    Our CEO said it best “we transform companies.” Our goal is not to help companies build brand awareness through social media tactics. Our goal is to help them take steps to form meaningful relationships with […]

  • You store your money in the cloud – why not your data?

    Last week I attended the Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco. Focused on innovation and collaboration inside the enterprise, it’s one of my favourite conferences and this is the second year I have attended (and […]

  • Fireworks vs. Glacier

    I’ve been thinking about writing this post ever since reading a fascinating piece by James Surowiecki in the New Yorker a few months back. Titled, “The Open Secret of Success“, the article used the lens […]

  • Another Commoncraft Gem: Google Reader

    One of the most difficult social media concepts to explain is how to make use of an RSS feed with a feedreader. I have met very web-confident folks that look at me cross-eyed when I […]

  • World's Largest Social Media Agency? Not this time.

    Today I have the unfortunate task of announcing that the acquisition of Livingston Communications will not be taking place as planned. The next question, is, of course – why? Frankly, it’s cultural. We dotted our […]

  • September Toronto Girl Geek Dinner Looking for a Sponsor

    The next Toronto Girl Geek Dinner is scheduled for September 10th at Fionn McCool’s (University and Adelaide) and our guest speaker is Sandi Jones, Sandi’s career in IT and network technology began when she discovered […]

  • SMG is Looking for The Best Office Manager in the World!

    Here’s the description, deadline for applications is August 25th, 2008 and they can be sent to kevin.dekock [at] socialmediagroup.com. You can download a pdf of the job description here. Only the super-organized and supremely confident […]

  • What do I do?

    Originally posted at eimaj.net on July 4, 2008. - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - - Since […]

  • SEC, RegFD and the SMPR

    Dominic Jones of IR Web Report delivered some important news over Identi.ca this morning. In a meeting held this morning, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said that companies can use blogs and websites […]

  • SMG to Acquire Livingston Communications

    It is my pleasure to be able to share some very exciting news with you – Social Media Group has signed a letter of intent to purchase Washington, DC-based Livingston Communications, one of the world’s […]

  • Long Distance Jamming

    In a previous life I worked for one of the biggest financial institutions in Canada. The job required a two hour commute each way using a bus, a train, the subway and a bit of […]

  • Commoncraft does LinkedIn

    We all know what LinkedIn is for, right? It’s for making connections. WRONG! It’s for much more than that and the new Commoncraft video, LinkedIn in Plain English, explains the what, why and how. Don’t […]

  • Toronto Girl Geek Dinner Tonight!

    Tonight, Maggie and I are heading to Fionn MacCool’s to enjoy another Toronto Girl Geek Dinner (TGGD). We’re fortunate to have Jayne Hoogenberk, the online community manager for eHarlequin.com as the speaker. Here’s an excerpt […]

  • SMG is Hiring – again!

    Okay, I know that Kevin posted about this a few weeks ago, but we now have a few more new positions that we need to fill. If your passion is social media and you’d like […]

  • Live Streaming Video from BlogPotomac

    I’m in Virginia, sharing the stage with some of the leading lights of social media at the very first BlogPotomac. I’ll be speaking about trends in social media marketing – and it’s an “unconference”, so […]

  • Here we grow again…

    “You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube”, “You can’t put the genie back in the bottle”, “There’s no going back” or, my personal favourite, “The beer’s been poured, so now you have to […]

  • Beyond the Price Wars

    So, when Walmart and their competitors have squeezed every last ounce out of their suppliers and are to within small fractions of U.S. cents of each others’ pricing, where will they turn next for competitive […]

  • Best of Luck, Collin!

    It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Collin Douma, who has decided to take leave of SMG in order to pursue other opportunities, both personal and professional. As a key member of […]

  • Making Online Videos at Mesh

    This was my first attempt at making an online video. Impressed? I thought so. Before I went to Mesh I brought my camera with big plans to create the most wonderful content. I thought that […]

  • SAP Sapphire Orlando

    Two weeks ago I was the guest of SAP at their annual North American ecosystem conference – Sapphire Orlando (there’s also one in Europe, but it conflicted with Mesh, where I’ve spent the last two […]

  • Doug Walker Joins SMG Team as Director of Client Services

    I’m very pleased to announce that Douglas Walker, Managing Director of the World Rock Paper Scissors Society (yes, really) and highly regarded blogger/podcaster/ad industry veteran, has joined the SMG team as Director of Client Services […]

  • Benefits of Online Social Networks

    We all understand the value of social networks. They help us find jobs, apartments, even friends. Online social networks allow us to connect in the same way but geography is no longer an issue. One […]

  • Ford Motor Company and social media

    What good is having a blog if you can’t toot your own horn? It’s even better when someone else does it for you. Geoff Livingston at The Buzz Bin posted his video interview of our […]

  • Clay Shirky and the Cognitive Surplus

    This short video was taped at Web 2.0 Expo in late April. I was there, but unfortunately wasn’t in the audience. Nevertheless, I came across this a few days after the conference was over, and […]

  • C'mon, haven't you heard of a blog?

    Okay, so if you are reading this blog you probably know what a blog is. So sue me for writing this post but I like to remind myself and others of the basics. This video […]

  • Online photo sharing

    There are many online tools that enable us to connect. Traditionally these tools usually require users to use words to be engaged. But what about something more visual? What about sharing your experiences and ideas […]

  • SMG Sponsoring CaseCamp Tonight

    Social Media Group is proud and pleased to be one of the lead sponsors of tonight’s Toronto Case Camp 7. If you’re not familiar with CaseCamp, it is A free communications and social media unconference. […]

  • Social Media Press Releases: Your Secret Weapon

    For those of you who don’t know, Chris Anderson, author of the acclaimed book The Long Tail, is also the editor of Wired Magazine. Like so many journalists (and increasingly these days, bloggers) Chris is […]

  • Dell's Blogosphere Strategy – SNCR New Comm Forum

    I’m attempting to do something I have lately been doing solely via Twitter – that is, live blog content from an event. In this case, it’s the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR) New Comm […]

  • What is Podcasting?

    There are many ways of creating and sharing information on the web (like this blog, for example). The best part is that anyone can be a creator and share their interests and experiences from anywhere […]

  • Lies, Damn Lies and a Large Double Double

    In Canada, we have a seasonal, cultural tradition known as the Roll up the Rim to Win. Though I’ve never won big, I will usually have a few rolls where free coffee begets free coffee […]

  • SMG one of Top 10 Canadian Tech Blogs

    ITWorld Magazine has released their list of the Top 10 Canadian Technology Bloggers, and to our surprise and delight, Social Media Group is #3 on the list. The whole team is incredibly pleased and honoured […]

  • Bookmarking is social?

    It seems that all things on the internet now have a ‘social’ aspect to them and bookmarking is no different. You might use a site like del.icio.us, ma.gnolia or Stumbleupon to keep your sites in […]

  • Learning from Jazz

    The subject of collaboration has been on my mind a lot this past week. I have been lucky enough to have been part of teams that have clicked on certain projects only to flounder on […]

  • SMG Sponsoring the Mesh "In the Middle" Party

    Mesh is the Canadian interactive conference, and reminds me very much of SXSWi in that it’s really a cultural event, a place where Canada’s online community gets to gather and connect F2F. I have met […]

  • What is RSS?

    Everyone is yammering about RSS, or Really Simple Syndication – is your website RSS-enabled? Do you subscribe to RSS feeds? Have you tried to get someone to explain RSS, and been totally baffled by the […]

  • Think Locally, Act Globally

    [cross-posted from radicaltrust.ca] Raising funds for this year’s Terry Fox run or Pink Ribbon campaign is no longer limited to your door knocking abilities. From Facebook apps asking you to “chip in” to crowd-sourcing real-world […]

  • Newtonian Physics Trump Online Campaigns

    [cross-posted from theelusivefish.com] Hyperlinks may subvert hierarchies, information may flow freely and the tyranny of geography may be toppled by the Internet, but despite the marvels and wonders this communications tool affords us, it’s important […]

  • How do Wikis work?

    The folks at Commoncraft have an amazing way of explaining things in the most simple terms. If you’ve heard a lot about wikis, but never used one, or are having a hard time wrapping your […]

  • New Communications Forum – Sonoma in April

    I’ve been asked to take part in a discussion about the evolution of the Social Media Press Release (SMPR) at the New Communications Forum, which is being held April 22-25th in Sonoma. The event is […]

  • 17 things I learned from Paul Gillin's presentation.

    I was fortunate enough to attend a speaking event of Paul Gillin’s, author of The New Influencers. I, and about 30 other interested learners, sat in on a presentation on social media for businesses. The […]

  • It's never too late to join the conversation

    This is my very first blog post. I have spent the past five weeks trying to think of something profound to say but have come to realize that all the conversations that interest me have […]

  • What is Twitter?

    If you’ve been hearing a lot about micro-blogging site Twitter, but are still unsure of what exactly it is (or why so many people are on about it) check out this excellent (short!) video tutorial […]

  • SXSW – a summary of Tweets

    I’ve been using Twitter a lot as a way of bookmarking thoughts before I lose them, and ever since I Twittered Mesh in April 2007, I’ve found it an incredibly useful way of retaining those […]

  • Time to register for BlogPotomac!

    I am extraordinarily pleased and honoured to be participating in BlogPotomac 2008 this coming June, a social media best practices unconference organized by Geoff Livingston and Debbie Weil. Here’s the official blurb: Sponsored by Livingston […]

  • My Niagara College experience.

    I would like to give a big round of applause to Andrea Lacoik and Stephen Bascariol, two Niagara College Public Relations students that obviously put a lot of effort into planning the Public Relations Student […]

  • Women 2.0 in Ottawa next week

    I’ll be speaking in Canada’s tech hub – Ottawa – next week for an event sponsored by the local chapter of Women 2.0. I’ll be talking about the work that we do here at SMG, […]

  • CPRS Student Development Workshop

    I was asked to attend a professional development workshop at my alma mater. It’s a little strange because it was not long ago that I was attending these events as a public relations student. Now, […]

  • Toronto Girl Geek dinner Weds Feb 20th

    This months’ Toronto Girl Geek Dinner speaker is Ali De Bold, Co-founder of ChickAdvisor, an online community that Is about helping you make better purchasing decisions on everything from electronics to electrolysis. Our members determine […]

  • Social Media Links for 02-15-08

    Improve Client Relationships Through Social Media, pretty basic stuff from the Wall Street Journal: With the growing popularity of social media platforms MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn, businesses and nonprofit organizations alike are embracing the technology […]

  • Getting Social with 3 talks on Social Media.

    I have a busy week coming up with 3 talks on 3 amazing topics at 3 diverse un/conferences. Here are the details: Event Style Show: Expo and Awards Host: BizBash Talk: Gen 2.0: Join the Viral Marketing Revolution 9:15am February 20, 2008 Direct Energy Centre, Toronto Social Media Marketing Host: Open Dialogue Talk:”Social Media Strategies that Work” 3pm February 20, 2008, The ...

  • Social Media Group gets a new look

    You may have noticed that things are looking a little bit different – welcome to the new home of Social Media Group! Our talented team had grown leaps and bounds over the last few months […]

  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio in the Enterprise

    This is just a quick post to expand on something I started thinking about while working through the exploration stage of a large strategy project we’re developing for a client. It’s pretty much half-baked, but […]

  • Livingston Buzz Podcast

    Geoff Livingston interviewed me for his Buzz podcast earlier this week, and the interview is now up and listenable. Geoff’s a great, conversational interviewer and we chatted about all manner of things, including: The recent […]

  • Toronto Girl Geek Dinner tomorrow night!

    It looks like our first dinner of the year will be a full house – we have a maximum of 48 seats available at our favourite location, the Hot House Cafe (full address and details […]

  • Digital Snippets – how it works

    It’s been a week since we announced the Digital Snippets social media release platform and shared the template that explains its functionality. The news spawned quite a bit of discussion online, which is fabulous! We’re […]

  • The Social Media Press Release – Digital Snippets

    SMPR 2.0 Last October, our firm, Social Media Group (which in 2007 was granted the contract to help the Ford Motor Company develop their global social media strategy) began working on the launch of the […]

  • What I want to be when I grow up.

    Zoë Siskos, Social Media Analyst, makes it her business to read and get to know bloggers and other content producers, making sure they’re invited to client events and included in programs that are of interest […]

  • Girls in Tech Negotiations Workshop

    I wanted to let you know about an event coming up next month in San Francisco. I’ll be busy in NYC with client work, so can’t attend, but I think it is an absolutely great […]

  • Social Media Links for January 9th, 2008

    1. On Scoble, Facebook and whether European Privacy Laws Stifle Innovation The fine and upstanding Thomas Otter (also of the DFOF fashion blog, to which I occasionally contribute, unlike some people) makes, and backs up, […]

  • Pew: Teens using social media more than ever

    As if we all needed it, further valuable evidence from the Pew Internet and American Life study showing a continuing increase in social media use by young online Americans. Among the top-level findings: 64% of […]

  • Eight things you (probably) didn't know about me

    Since we have grand plans to let the whole universe know a whole lot more about SMG in 2008, it’s probably pretty appropriate to start the New Year by responding to the meme begun by […]

  • Selling Enterprise 2.0 – do as I say, not as I do

    By Heather Angus-Lee Imagine working at a global leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software that makes and markets software enabling employee collaboration for streamlined business processes. It must be one highly efficient, “Enterprise 2.0” […]

  • Media in Canada year-end thinktank

    It was my distinct pleasure to be included in the list of individuals asked by Terry Poulton of Media in Canada for their opinion about the biggest emergent digital trends for 2007 and what they […]

  • The spoils of social media go to those who wait

    My friend Paul Gillin has published a brief but thoughtful article in B to B magazine about the misconceptions around social media vs. traditional ad and communications campaigns. It’s available in the print version of […]

  • SNCR Boston

    I had the pleasure this past week of attending the Society for New Communications Research symposium in Boston, spending a little over 12 hours first listening to some of the best minds in the business […]

  • Successful social media = harnessing organic processes

    This basic principle informs everything do, and we always make sure that our tactics reflect it. We never try to reinvent the wheel (always remembering that you don’t build communities – you join them) but […]

  • The ROI of Communities – Part II

    Earlier this week I did some prep for a roundtable on the ROI of Communities at a conference held by the Canadian Marketing Association, and came across the most wonderful list of statistics, courtesy of […]

  • Social Media ROI

    The ROI of social media (and digital marketing in general) is a topic we’ve been tossing around SMG a ton lately, as has the media in a number of recent articles. I’m going to keep […]

  • Toronto Girl Geek Dinner with Kate Trgovac

    November’s dinner is almost upon us – scheduled for this Wednesday, November 14th at Brassaii (dinner is $40 pp, taxes and gratuity included), Kate Trgovac will be speaking to our group about Virtual Worlds. The […]

  • Negative is the New Positive

    I love that phrase, and use it frequently because it so perfectly encapsulates the opportunities presented to companies when they forthrightly engage with their consumers/constituents via social media. I therefore thought it would be the […]

  • Many voices singing from the same blog

    By Heather Angus-Lee One voice, big following – is this the formula for successful corporate blogging? Or, what about secondary voice(s) assisting a superstar executive? Here, I’m thinking of Alicia Dorset – she who is […]

  • Marketing on Facebook to its original crowd

    By Heather Angus-Lee After a day at the office researching the social media world (blogosphere, podcasts, social networking sites) for one of the largest post-secondary institutions in Canada, I went home to crack open a […]

  • Social Media Roundup

    Haven’t done one of these for months, but I have so much social media goodness in my inbox that I feel compelled to share… October Oct 15th - This press release from comScore basically notes […]

  • October Girl Geek Dinner – this Wednesday

    If you’re a girl geek (or accompanied by one), be sure to visit the TGGD event wiki to sign up, here are all the details: Toronto Girl Geek Dinner Wednesday October 17th, 7 p.m. The […]

  • Another take on the social media press release

    As part of an online outreach effort we’ve been conducting for Ford in support of their launch of the new 2008 Focus, we recommended the creation of what’s often described as a social media press […]

  • Blogworld and New Media Expo

    Blogworld is scheduled for November 7 to 9th, in Las Vegas and I’ll be doing two sessions – one on Wednesday at 4:15 with Paul Gillen and Paul Dunay, a roundtable titled, “Integrating New Media […]

  • The ROI of Communities

    Earlier this week, I attended SAP’s TechEd ’07 event in Las Vegas [full disclosure: SAP paid my travel expenses and they are a client]. While the conference extended for several days, my primary goal was […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Doug Walker

    Welcome to the 24th edition of Social Media Today with Maggie Fox, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In today’s episode, we have a brief chat with Douglas Walker about the success of […]

  • 'Marthapedia' looms on the online home-decor horizon

    By Heather Angus-Lee Martha Stewart has proven herself a savvy businesswoman on many fronts – and now social media is no exception: last weeks’ unveiling of the impending Marthapedia! The head of Martha Stewart Living […]

  • Changing the Rules of Engagement

    Yesterday I was giving a presentation at a client event. We were discussing a corporate blogging program we’d launched for them earlier this year, and some of the resulting benefits. Of course they were legion […]

  • SMG in the Top 30

    Top 30 Canadian Marketing blogs, that is. Thanks to Scott Weisbrod at the Experience Planner for compiling this list! Here’s the full list, as you can see, we’re in some incredible company! 1. adgoodness 2. […]

  • What will be the Internet for my apps?

    That’s the question that popped into my head while listening to the Social Computing panel at Office 2.0 in San Francisco two weeks ago. John McCrae was pointing out that Facebook’s strategy of not allowing […]

  • How to Get Buy-In for Your Web 2.0 Project

    I’m doing a webinar this week (my first, actually) – here’s the official verbiage, and if you’d like to sign up, you can do so here. I wonder if it will be weird? I’m used […]

  • 2nd Toronto Girl Geek Dinner

    The date has been set, as has the venue and speaker for the second Toronto Girl Geek Dinner. Here are the details: Speaker: Leila Boujnane (topic TBA) The Hot House Cafe Wednesday September 19th 6:00 […]

  • Quetchup is spam – don't get sucked in!

    This past week, I received two invitations to join what appeared to be a new social network called Quetchup from two people I really like and respect. I declined simply from social networking overload – […]

  • Twittering Office 2.0

    I did this earlier this year for Mesh – and I find it an excellent way of providing some great nuggets without feeling the need to transcribe every word uttered by the brilliant people populating […]

  • Blogging Office 2.0 – Social Computing Panel

    Here are the most valuable things I got from the Social Computing Panel at Office 2.0: Five characteristics of social networks, as discovered through research conducted by Shiv Singh: 1. High growth – in the […]

  • Where in the world are social networks?

    This interesting, if simplistic, illustration from Valleywag shows you what’s hot where. But, uh – no social networks in China or most of Africa? Or at best “unidentified” (which is also what Antarctica and Greenland […]

  • KPMG report on Enterprise 2.0

    Aptly titled “Fad or Future?”, it’s a podcast series and whitepaper, all rolled into one. Here’s the official wordage: Can Web 2.0 technologies – largely applied only in a social sphere – be used to […]

  • Collin Douma Joins SMG

    We’re incredibly pleased to announce that Collin Douma has joined Social Media Group as a strategist. For those of you who don’t know him, Collin is one of the best and the brightest working in […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Rohit Bhargava

    (REPEAT) Back to basics! Welcome to the 15th edition of Social Media Today with Maggie Fox, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective;. In this episode we talk to Rohit Bhargava, Vice President, Interactive […]

  • What's growing faster than Second Life?

    According to this article in today’s AdWeek, it’s BarbieGirls (an August 13th BG press release states they’ve accumulated 4-million users in the first 90 days and are now adding 45,000 new users a day. It […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – BSG Alliance

    Welcome EPS23 of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In today’s episode, we speak with Steve Douty, President of BSG Applications and Scott Brittain, Chief Engineer for the BSG Customer […]

  • How to get the green light

    On Thursday, September 13th from 2-3 p.m. EST, I’ll be hosting a Webinar presented by Communitelligence titled, “How to Get Buy-In for your Web 2.0 Project”. Here’s the synopsis: You understand the incredible transformative power […]

  • 50% of Americans have watched Internet video

    This from our fine friends at eMarketer. Here’s the requisite chart: Passing the 50% mark is being touted as a major tipping point in the way that people consume content, but I think it’s just […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Mike Stopforth Pt2

    Welcome EPS22 of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In today’s episode, we have a brief chat with Mike Stopforth about the incredible success he and his firm Cerebra, a […]

  • Facebook doubles sponsorship rates

    This from Valleywag – Facebook has doubled its quarterly groups sponsorship rate from $150,000 to $300,000 U.S. Guess they know they’re on to something…

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Charlene Li

    (REPEAT) Welcome to the second installment of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode I interview Charlene Li, fellow collective member and Vice President and Principal Analyst at […]

  • Facebook closing in on MySpace

    In a very serious way, according to this this release from comScore. Here are the vital stats globally: MySpace Total UVs June 06: 66,401 June 07: 114,147 for a 72% increase Facebook Total UVs June […]

  • 62% prefer professional video

    This should come as no surprise to anyone save those who have drunk too deeply of the Kool-AID. According to a recent report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 62% of those who […]

  • New look at Canadians and Blogs

    This time from Ipsos-Reid. Still no consensus on how many Canadians have actually read a blog (they say 34% of Cdn Internet users have visited one, while other studies have different results). Some nice context […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Debbie Weil

    Welcome EPS21 Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In today’s episode, we speak to Debbie Weil about the flurry of discussion surrounding her blog post and email soliciting comments for […]

  • Tech PR War Stories Podcast

    I had the absolute pleasure of being a guest on Paul Gillin and David Strom‘s Tech PR War Stories Podcast this past week. Our topic? “The Ins and Outs of Social Media Marketing“. Have a […]

  • How Napster paved the way for Web 2.0

    According to a report released today by Ipsos Insights, downloading music files (which was sparked by Napster and similar peer-to-peer file sharing sites like Limewire.) showed millions of users that the Internet was not just […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Mary Hodder

    Welcome to the nineteenth edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode, I interview Mary Hodder, Chairman and founder of Dabble.com, a California-based video search and discovery […]

  • Inaugural Toronto Girl Geek Dinner a success!

    I don’t have any pictures, because of course I forgot my camera, but the inaugural Toronto Girl Geek Dinner, held last night, was a resounding success! With just two weeks of pre-promotion, we managed to […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Mathew Ingram

    (REPEAT) Welcome to the third edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode, I interview Mathew Ingram, Tech columnist for The Globe and Mail, blogger, Mesh Conference […]

  • Using podcasts to snare seniors

    Two things came together for me this morning in a way that sometimes happens. You might choose to call this serendipity, but I have always found that word to be terribly twee. In my (perhaps) […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Nathan Gilliatt

    Welcome to the 17th edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode we talk to Nathan Gilliatt, author of The Guide to Social Media Analysis, a reference […]

  • An end to the Age of Propaganda

    I did an interview on Wednesday with Sook Yin Lee for CBC Radio’s Definitely Not the Opera (which aired this past Saturday), and in it I made the analogy that social media is as significant […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Paul Gillin

    Welcome to the 16th edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode we talk to Paul Gillin, author of The New Influencers: A Marketer’s Guide to the […]

  • Pinch-hitting at CaseCamp tonight…

    If you can make it, it would be great to see you… I’ll be doing 15 minutes on the Yamaha Motor “Sled Talk” corporate blog. We’ve got some great data & analysis – looking forward […]

  • Sony USA launches corporate blog

    There’s a wrong way and a right way – and now Sony’s done both. It would appear that on June 4th they launched the Playstation Blog, “first official Sony Computer Entertainment America company blog”, and […]

  • 18-34's pay greater attention to ads on social media sites

    According to this data from comScore, 18-34′s pay more attention to advertising messages on UGC sites than they do traditional websites when it comes to products in “high fun” categories, i.e. “Apparel, Music/ Movies/ Entertainment, […]

  • Serious Business: Web 2.0 Goes Corporate

    First, I’d like to apologize for posting about this so after-the-fact. This white paper, from the Economist Intelligence Unit, actually came out in April. I’ve been sharing some of the content with clients since then, […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Mike Stopforth

    (REPEAT – this was our most popular podcast by a huge margin) Welcome to the seventh edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode we chat with […]

  • Twittering Mesh

    Rather than slavishly try to copy down and distill every Mesh session I’m in over the next two days, I’ve decided to Twitter Mesh. I’ll embed the badge here, but you can also join Twitter […]

  • Get ready to MESH

    It’s the eve of the Mesh Conference in Toronto, and like last year, the organizers are faced with a full house – the event is completely sold out. And while I’m sure the repeated protests […]

  • The Enterprise Irregulars

    Have, via Dennis Howlett, kindly asked me to join their little corner of the Internet. Knowing the incredible company I would be keeping, I accepted immediately – and was deeply flattered. If you haven’t done […]

  • en vacance

    Dear Readers, I will be on vacation from Wednesday May 16th (yesterday) until Tuesday May 22nd. Just before I go, however, I’d like to thank my fellow bloggers for the pleasure of their company in […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Sapphire '07 Vienna

    In this special edition episode, recorded on May 14th in Vienna, Austria at SAP’s Sapphire event, Mark Yolton, Vice President SAP Community Network and Craig Cmehil, Community Evangelist, SAP Developer Network explain the rationale behind […]

  • Someone's been drinking the Kool-AID…

    You know when you buy a new car, and all of a sudden you see the same model everywhere, as if everyone decided at the exact same moment to do the same thing you did? […]

  • Why on earth did SAP invite me to Sapphire?

    Arriving in Vienna yesterday and joining some of my fellow bloggers (David Terrar, Thomas Otter, Dennis Howlett, Bruno Haid, Prashanth Rai, Sig Rinde and Charlie Wood) for dinner last night, this was the question that […]

  • Posting from Vienna this week…

    …as a guest of SAP at their Sapphire event – hoping to track down Mark Yolton, Vice President of SAP Community Networks and interview him for a podcast on the subject of social networking for […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – The Business of Twitter

    In this episode, Dan Greenfield, Vice President of Communications for Earthlink, Luis Suarez, Knowledge Management Consultant for IBM Global Services and Tom Mandel, a technologist and poet, discuss the potential business use of SMS service […]

  • Planning for the best

    I’ve just been catching up on some reading, and came across this great piece by Jeremiah Owyang. Like so much of what he writes, this particular phrase really struck me, Be sure to plan for […]

  • Business use of Twitter

    It’s seems to be the Topic of the Day- there’s this article from Reuters on how emergency services could use SMS apps like Twitter to push out warnings to large numbers of people instantly (Twitter […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Tom Mandel

    Welcome to the 12th edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective;. In this episode we chat with Tom Mandel, many-times-published poet, inveterate entrepreneur and champion of all things social […]

  • Investors tap into "unstructured online data sources"

    Otherwise known as “social media”. A new partnership between Collective Intellect, Inc. and Wall Street On Demand was announced today (again, in a press release format that makes me have to Google the company names, […]

  • Podcasting 101

    A story containing an interview I did for Microsoft Home magazine is up on the web. Titled (enthusiastically) Create Your Own Podcast! it’s a quick piece about how average people can make their own podcast […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – David Tebbutt

    Welcome to the 11th edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode we chat with David Tebbutt, early computer pioneer, creator of BrainStorm software, environmentalist, writer, media […]

  • Traditional broadcast advertising is spam

    What does this describe? [The use of] of electronic … systems to send unsolicited bulk messages Pretty much every ad sent over the airwaves. It’s also the Wikipedia definition of spam. Broadcast advertisers are spamming […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Mike Prosceno

    Welcome to the tenth edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode we chat with Mike Prosceno, Vice President, Global Communications for SAP and social media evangelist. […]

  • Showing just how critical social networks have become

    When students at Virginia Tech wanted to let friends and family know they were ok – they created groups on social networking sites like Facebook. These social networking platforms, heretofore used for far more lighthearted […]

  • The first-ever User Generated Presentation

    Today I facilitated what I believe to be the first-ever User Generated Presentation at The Human Web CapCHI workshop in Ottawa. The idea behind it was to bring the principles of social media to the […]

  • How many Canadians have read a blog?

    That’s the 7,213,629-million citizen question, and the numbers are wildly different, depending on who you ask. Let me explain: According to the 2006 Canadian Inter@ctive Reid Report, released by Ipsos Reid and conducted in Q4 […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Shel Israel

    Welcome to the ninth edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode we hear from Shel Israel, co-author of Naked Conversations, soon-to-be author of Global Neighbourhoods, well-known […]

  • Business is asking – do you have the answers?

    This is a great post from the PJA Blog, which is authored by… actually, I have no idea My bad – authors names are listed on the home page of the blog, but not individual […]

  • The Human Web

    ‘Tis the season of conferences. I’m off later this week to give the first-ever user generated presentation in Ottawa, where I throw the doors open to the audience and let them decide what they want […]

  • Thoughts from the Social Media 2007 Conference

    Just enjoying a couple of days in Chicago with my family following the Social Media 2007 conference, and have had an epiphany of sorts (I love this post-conference period, where you feel energized and full […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Julia French

    Welcome to the eighth edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode we chat with Julia French, social media early adopter and well-connected Valley girl. Do subscribe […]

  • Social Media Measurement – it's all about context

    Engagement metrics are difficult to establish, primarily because in the social media space, they are totally bespoke – that is, they must be tailored to each individual project and audience. Here’s a quickie case study: […]

  • Sled Talk gets more press

    A nice little piece about Phase I of the Yamaha social media strategy in in today’s edition of the Media in Canada website… I’m preparing for the Social Media 2007 Conference in Chicago next week, […]

  • A quick post about corporate blogging…

    This report from Lewis PR takes a global look at corporate blogging and has some interesting conclusions: Less than 5% of companies worldwide have a corporate blog On individual business objectives (i.e. increasing morale or […]

  • OurSpace

    At least, I suppose that’s how Queen Elizabeth II might describe it, and here’s what her MySpace page might look like if she knew what the Internet was. I especially like how she appears to […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Rod Boothby

    Welcome to the sixth edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode (among other things) we learn more about “social application” mashup platform Teqlo with Rob Boothby, […]

  • Further proof that small is the new big

    I read this story over the weekend on Tim O’Reilly’s blog, and this New York Times article sums it up well. According to VC Jeremy Liew, the traffic required to get a content site earning […]

  • Social networking: so last week

    Is it, or isn’t it? Has social networking “jumped the shark”? According to this article, the first sign that the apocalypse is upon us is the fact that the Girl Scout cookies have their own […]

  • MySpace for Bears and Bulls

    Well, sort of. The Guardian is is reporting that Reuters will be starting “…a version of MySpace for the financial services community,” said Reuters executive Tom Glocer. “It won’t have the latest hot videos and […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Luis Suarez

    Welcome to the fifth edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode, we go global in an interview with Luis Suarez, Knowledge Management expert and consultant for […]

  • Guest Blogging at MaRS Today

    We’re in the throes of the move into our new space (so nice – you really must drop by if you’re in the neighbourhood) and I’ve also been asked to guest blog on the MaRS […]

  • This is a bad idea

    I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade – but the whole notion of ghostwriting a blog pretty much completely destroys the purpose of creating a company blog in the first place (which is, mostly, […]

  • Social networks and the Web 2.0 "bubble"

    You must, must, must, must read this article by Michael Hirschorn from The Atlantic Monthly online. I don’t agree with everything he says, or what appears to be his overall thesis, which is that all […]

  • Is it better to join communities, or build them?

    I’ve been thinking about this since I received an email from a colleague of mine – we met when I worked in marketing at MuchMusic (he was a rep for one of the labels) and […]

  • Social Media Today Podcast – Robin Fray Carey

    Welcome to the third edition of Social Media Today, the official podcast of the Social Media Collective. In this episode, I interview Robin Fray Carey, President of Carey Publishing Group and co-founder of the Social […]

  • Blogs and PR – a survey

    Akilah Dressekie (a student? Professor?) at the Public Relations Certificate Program at Ryerson University is conducting a survey to see if “bloggers’ ability to affect corporate reputation has changed Public Relations practice[sic].” If you’re interested […]

  • Social Media Group Monday Roundup

    Here’s everyting that’s fit to blog from the last week and beyond… Friday: 1. There’s all kind of buzz about this Ning Thing. It’s a free online platform that will let you build your own […]

  • Wake up, agencies – we're stealing your business

    Come to think of it, I probably shouldn’t shout too loudly. This article from Media Post explains that The web and related digital technologies are exposing major weaknesses in traditional agency skill sets, according to […]

  • User-Generated Presentation

    I have to Google this phrase to see if anyone else has been using it, but it’s a model I’m going to try out at the capCHI conference I’m presenting at in Ottawa on April […]

  • Friday Social Media Roundup

    Dear Readers, I do apologise for my intermittent posting of late – you’ll understand why next week. In the meantime, accept my humble apologies with this edition of the Friday Social Media Roundup – everything […]

  • Consumer 2.0 Conference

    This Thursday I’ll be speaking at Day Two of the Consumer 2.0 Conference in Toronto. Registration forms can be downloaded here. Here’s the promo copy: Join Maggie Fox, founder of Social Media Group, Canada’s first […]

  • Flogs to be "named and shamed" in the UK

    This, according to an article from The Times Online: Hotels, restaurants and online shops that post glowing reviews about themselves under false identities could face criminal prosecution under new rules that come into force next […]

  • Social Media and the U.S. Elections

    I think it’s pretty safe to say that Barak Obama (or at least someone with influence on his campaign team) “gets” social media. Here’s a list of the features and functions on his new website […]

  • Do you need some social media motivation?

    Or just a laugh? These (potentially de-)motivational posters might be just the thing: (Actually, I don’t see this last one as de-motivational, I think of the empty seats as representing your potential audience…) Hat tip […]

  • Is social media going to break the Internet?

    Interesting article from BBC News about whether the Internet is up to what we’re asking of it, thanks to demand for HD video and social networking. A recent report from Deloitte said 2007 could be […]

  • I've been tagged. And I'm doing something about it.

    This is actually the second time I have been tagged by this meme, but it’s mutated. This time around, and because it’s Friday, I’ve decided to post my answers. I guess I’m supposed to tag […]

  • Inaugural episode of the Social Media Today podcast

    It’s the official podcast of the Social Media Collective, and it’s called Social Media Today. Do subscribe to our feed – we’ll be interviewing a new member of the Social Media Collective each week, and […]

  • Vote for your favourite social media site

    Lee Dodd is running a poll to see which social media sites are used most often (i.e. Digg, Technorati, etc.). I’m really curious to see the outcome – we’ll check back with him in a […]

  • Which associations are using social media?

    There’s a great project underway south of the border called the Association Community Blogs and Podcasts Wiki: The goal of this project is to create a master list of associations that are using blogging, podcasting […]

  • Another big player in the social media game

    If there was any question that 2007 will be the year that social media breaks into mainstream corporate communications, this short piece from Direct Marketing News should put those doubts to rest: Ogilvy North America, […]

  • Social Media Presentation

    This is just a quick post to thank everyone who attended this mornings’ Social Media breakfast at the Ontario Club – I hope you enjoyed my portion of the morning and found it informative and […]

  • Kudos to Deloitte – and here's why:

    In this post, I slammed Deloitte for spamming me after I left a comment on their new corporate blog earlier this week. At 3:44 EST, I got the following comment from Greg Shea at Deloitte: […]

  • Deloitte's new WIN blog spams commenters

    Does anyone see the irony in a blog that’s intended to help people balance their work-life obligations crossing the line into my personal space by forcing me to opt out of unsolicited emails? If I […]

  • Thursday Social Media Roundup

    I apologize for this massive post – you may want to take a day or two to digest it. Here’s everything that’s fit to blog from the last few weeks and beyond… Wednesday: 1. The […]

  • "Proxy Blogging" is NOT OKAY

    Until earlier today, sitting in my hotel room (I am on the road with a client) I had never heard the term “proxy blogging”. I was listening to a podcast that will remain nameless because […]

  • A proud sister moment

    My younger brother (very younger – he was born in 1981) works as a junior web designer at Organic. He’s been there full time (not contract!) for just under a year. Anyway, my dear brother, […]

  • Social Media Podcast with Jeff Parks

    On April 16th 13th, I will be in Ottawa to speak to members of the Capital Region chapter of the Computer-Human Interaction group. In advance, Jeff Parks of IA Consultants and I chatted about all […]

  • Deloitte reaches out to workforce with new blog

    This has been a recurring theme this week – engaging prospective employees in the ways they want to be engaged. With the biggest mass retirement in history just a few short years away, it’s incredibly […]

  • The downside of success? No time to blog.

    But I do have one tidbit for you – I was awarded a prize this week on Kevin Dugan’s Strategic Public Relations blog for the winning caption on this picture: “Melinda is going to kill […]

  • Bill Marriott joins the blogosphere

    This article in today’s Washington Post tipped me off to the newest member of the business blogosphere: Bill Marriott, Chairman and CEO of Marriott International has started the Marriott on the Move blog in part […]

  • So, who owns the content we're generating?

    It’s the engine that drives Web 2.0, and yet 99% of us make no money directly from it (which isn’t a bad thing). However, the companies that have created the online tools and platforms that […]

  • Try the roast beef, you'll love it.

    Curious about social media? I recommend attending a power breakfast I’ll be speaking at on January 31st in Toronto: Maggie will discuss how everyone’s talking Web 2.0 – but what does it mean? In this […]

  • 19% of fastest growing U.S. companies use blogs

    This from a just-published report by Eric Mattson and Professor Nora Barnes from the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. They surveyed a representative (+/-3%) segment of the Inc. 500, a […]

  • You don't build communities – you join them.

    That’s a quote from Jeremiah Owyang (also a fellow Social Media Collective member) on Sunday’s edition of the Marketing Voices podcast. This quote hits home because it reminds me of waaay back when I worked […]

  • Can we have convergence now, please?

    And by convergence I mean the melding of all the little pieces of technology I find myself carrying around: cellphone, iPod, digital camera (yes, I know phones can take pictures – but they look like […]

  • Corporate Bloggering

    A while ago I set up a blog ring, which is basically exactly like a web ring, only with blogs. That is, A webring in general is a collection of websites from around the Internet […]

  • Brand tutorial – with ZeFrank

    On March 17th, 2006 Hosea Jan Frank launched a daily vlog called The Show, making the commitment to produce five episodes a week for one year. Hosea, better known as “ZeFrank” is perhaps one of […]

  • Social Networks: 174 million mobile users by 2011

    This according to a new study from ABI Research, mobile users of social networks like MySpace and FaceBook (and those yet to be invented) will reach 174 million by 2011. Clint Wheelock, ABI’s vice president […]

  • Controversial declarations and smokescreens

    So, unless you live under a rock, away from all the social media and web 2.0 buzz, you’ve probably heard that on December 22nd, MicroSoft gave a bunch of bloggers laptops. However, all did not […]

  • Social Media Resolutions for 2007

    An excellent, wonderfully insightful & entertaining article from Joe Marchese at Media Post. Do yourself a favour and read the whole thing here.

  • Social media is the new email

    Everyone’s making predictions for 2007, but I’m going to go one step beyond and make a prediction for the remainder of this decade: social media is the new email. Interestingly, I was very pleasantly beaten […]

  • IBM says business must blog

    According to this press release, A stand-alone corporate web site is no longer sufficient to maintain a company’s relationship with its Internet-savvy audience, [says] IBM “Blogger-in-Chief” Christopher Barger He’ll be delivering that message to a […]

  • I love when Santa co-opts new technology

    First it was NORAD, now, according to Reuters, Santa has a blog. You may also notice that he refers to the area immediately south of the North Pole as “Norway” – we Canadians tend to […]

  • Gartner backpedals

    In this article from Dow Jones MarketWatch, it would appear that Gartner is distancing themselves from the widely held understanding that their recent predictions for 2007 forecast the end of blogging as a powerful force. […]

  • Q&A with A.C. Riley

    Long ago, when the Wondercafe.ca social networking space was launched, A.C. Riley and I had a good rant about the developer’s inexplicable use of frames, which meant individual pages did not have URLs, thus preventing […]

  • Friday Social Media Roundup

    Here’s all the news that’s fit to blog from last week and beyond… Thursday 1. Perhaps the biggest news of all is the Gartner prediction that blog numbers will level out in 2007 at about […]

  • Flog Apology Service

    In hot water because someone convinced you it would be a good idea to “juice” up your blog via a little astroturfing? Thought it would be “no big deal” to hire some writers to create […]

  • The Social Media Collective

    I’ve just received an invitation to join a new think group called the Social Media Collective, which is: An invitation-only group of bloggers, thinkers, executives and entrepreneurs who are interested in social media and Web […]

  • Fortune 500 Business Blogging Project

    First there was the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki, now there’s the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Project, which sounds rather methodical. To quote the organizers: So far [as of Dec 8th] 39 registered volunteers have […]

  • The race to build a YouTube killer

    I hate to say I told you so, but, well, I did. So sayeth this article in the Wall Street Journal, Four major media companies, including News Corp.’s Fox, Viacom Inc., CBS Corp. and General […]

  • CCNMatthews offers social media-ready releases

    This release explains the details of a new service being offered to companies that employ the services of CCNMatthews, a press release service that sends out info directly to CP newswire, which is where every […]

  • Anti Anti-Social Media rant

    I wanted to share a comment that brilliant software engineer Norm Young left in response to my post about Andy Rutledge’s recent anti-social media rant: The sun rises. The sun sets. The mob converses. The […]

  • The Social Media way of being

    I’m going to divert a little today and share a bit of personal philosophy with you – a theory, if you will, that’s been percolating for a while over here at SMG. Most of us […]

  • Anti Social Media

    On Tuesday, Andy Rutledge, the creative director at a shop called netsuccess in Dallas, posted a wonderful anti social media rant. As far as I’m concerned, it’s required reading for anyone in the field. Can […]

  • Edelman – still in troub?

    As you may recall, PR agency Edelman got into a whole whack of trouble for setting up (as it turns out) a number of flogs (aka “fake blogs”) for WalMart. The furor that resulted severely […]

  • Blogging the globe

    According to some research released late yesterday by Windows Live Spaces, blogging is, indeed Big In Japan. Actually, it’s pretty much big everywhere in Asia among MSN portal users, being labelled as a “major social […]

  • Friday Social Media Roundup

    And a chilly one it is. Here’s all the news that’s fit to blog this week: Friday: 1. According to European pollster Ipsos MORI, blogs are already having a big impact on business in Europe. […]

  • The promise of social media

    Institutions are stupid – they can’t remember a thing. Most organizations, from Hewlett-Packard to your local TV newsroom, have no formalized method of collecting and collating important data about important stuff in a way that […]

  • Could the monetization of YouTube be at hand?

    According to this press release, one month after striking a deal with YouTube, clips from CBS are among the most-viewed on the video sharing site (nearly 30 million views since Oct 18). CBS has three […]

  • How to Spam a Social Media Community

    Well, if it’s YouTube you’re after, you set up 7000+ accounts within a short period of time, let’s say a week. Then you set up the account you want to promote, in this case Superman […]

  • Spam Poison Pill

    I found this on Ian Irving’s blog, False Positives, and it’s such a great idea, I need to share it with you immediately! It’s called Spam Poison, and here’s why you should think about incorporating […]

  • Java goes open source

    Seeking to leverage the power of social media and online collaboration, on Nov 13th Sun Microsystems announced that Java is going open source (here’s the Wikipedia definition of open source, FYI). They’ve created an online […]

  • Friday Social Media Roundup

    I apologise for my lacklustre output this week, Dear Readers! Nevertheless, I want to make sure you get your full weekly dose of all things social media, therefore I present this week’s Roundup (a touch […]

  • Mesh Meetup Roundup

    Last night the Mesh 2007 Meetup was held at the Irish Embassy – and it was packed! (But – before we get started, no card = no name. If we did not exchange cards, and […]

  • More blogs about… blogs

    This one from CBS, and called Blogophile. AND – you’re right. Blogging is just a fad. That’s why Reuters just spent $7 million dollars to acquire a stake in Pluck, a blog syndication service. (No […]

  • Towards a Talkative Society*

    Statistics Canada released a study last week (Our Lives in Digital Times) that, finally, shows us some hard Canadian numbers and analysis to underscore the seismic shift we’re all seeing in media consumption and consumer […]

  • Yeah, that's what I said.

    Check out the first part of this Business Week Online story. Author Jeffrey Gangemi discusses small companies/big brands and uses the example of Mozilla’s marketing efforts re: Firefox, a case study I posted about last […]

  • Friday Social Media Roundup

    Standing on the “shoulders of giants” (i.e. Steve Rubel’s “Links for…”) here’s all the other stuff we didn’t get to this week, but which you should probably know: Thursday: 1. One in twenty Internet visits […]

  • Blogging the Municipal Vote

    Yesterday In early October the Globe and Mail announced that they had set up something called Campaign Bubble – a blog – with comments! Campaign Bubble is a Globe and Mail weblog dedicated to the […]

  • Social Media Marketing Case Study: SpreadFirefox.com

    As the folks at Mozilla have realized, avid customers can literally create online marketing departments – staffed by thousands. In 2004, in a very prescient move, Mozilla set up a community called, aptly, SpreadFirefox (or […]

  • CTV Interview: WonderCafe.ca

    So, in case you live under a rock (or just not in Canada) yesterday it was big news that the United Church of Canada will be spending some $10 million over the next three years […]

  • Social Media: Perfect for Spies

    There’s a report from the LA Times that spy agencies in the U.S. are using collaborative tools created with wiki software. The CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies have created a computer system that uses […]

  • Repeat after me: "Flogs = bad PR. Flogs = bad PR."

    According to this article McDonald’s is learning the lesson the hard way. It seems that The Consumerist broke a story last week that McDonalds was promoting a contest using fake blogs ostensibly written by two […]

  • Toronto-based BrandIntel on Marketing Voices

    Really interesting interview on today’s edition of the Marketing Voices podcast with Bradley Silver of BrandIntel, a Toronto-based company (with global offices) that translates online consumer-published content into reliable intelligence and analysis, enabling the world’s […]

  • Food for Thought

    This is a quickie post about something I read second-hand on Joseph Thornley’s blog. He was blogging last weeks’ Web 2.0 Conference, and the Friday afternoon keynote address by John Battelle on Blogs, Search and […]

  • What makes a successful corporate blog?

    FANTASTIC story about a study done by Northeastern University Professor Walter Carl and John Cass at Backbone Media Inc. about what makes for a successful corporate blog. In a nutshell: Culture: If a company has […]

  • McDonalds Corporate Responsibility Blog

    If McDonalds, a criticism lightening rod if ever there was one, can do it – so can your company. Here’s a great exchange that took place on the McDonalds Corporate Responsibility Blog last week: I […]

  • What Kind of Conversation Do You Want to Have?

    It’s a couple of weeks old now, but this article by Dan Gilmore at CIO Insight is probably one of the best I’ve read about why companies should blog – and how. The majority of […]

  • Toronto Star: Blogging Good for Business – sort of

    There’s an article in today’s Toronto Star that I would like to claim a bit of responsibilty for. As it happens, I emailed the reporter in question regarding the apparent disconnect between the Environics numbers […]

  • Getting blogging religion

    This is a little bit of old news, but IBM has added enterprise blogging capability to Lotus Notes. In Lotus Notes and Domino Version 7.0.2, an update IBM announced [Oct 11th], the company has added […]

  • Is CBS going to cover the Wal-Mart/Edelman Flog?

    Someone based in their New York offices search on “walmart edelman” using Google’s blog search at 11:37 a.m. this morning. I can’t believe that such a major media outlet doesn’t have their IP masked.

  • Thanks, PR meets the WWW!

    For kindly including us in your global list of PR & Communication Blogs. Constantin Basturea runs an excellent outfit over at PR Meets the WWW; it was a major source of detailed information in the […]

  • "New" Environics Poll Confuses Me

    I just got wind of this story, which is essentially a re-hash of two Environics polls [tres ugly website, BTW], one conducted in early October, the other in July. The jist of it is this: […]

  • Google's blogging woes – completely un-newsworthy

    Under the rather strident and alarming headine, “Google’s Blogging Woes Continue”, I read with complete disinterest this story about a Google staffer who (gasp!) mistakenly posted something to Blogger Buzz instead of her own blog! […]

  • Blogging HR

    Interesting report yesterday from the ERE/Inside Recuiting blog/website. They polled their audience (mostly HR professionals) and the #1 thing that these pros say is missing on most company websites? 31% say accurate information about what […]

  • Minnesota: centre of blog universe

    Well, sort of. A Minneapolis company (TMA E-Marketing) has put together a Business Blog Directory. They’re missing lots of well-known bloggers, of course, but it is a great idea!

  • MySpace: not just for teenagers anymore

    South of the border, the 2008 Presidential race is already being called the MySpace Election, which prompts me to point out an interesting factoid: according to a report on the Media Week website, 68% of […]

  • Edelman issues short mea culpa – no explanations

    Richard Edelman has just issued a short statement on his blog, expressing his regret and responsibility for the Wal-Mart Flog* Fiasco. No explanations – he just said he was sorry. (My gut feeling, however, is […]

  • Open Source Symposium in Toronto

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Seneca College hosts 6th annual Free Software and Open Source Symposium Toronto, October 9, 2007 — Seneca’s Free Software and Open Source Symposium (FSOSS) is an internationally recognized, two-day event that brings […]

  • Pols using blogs – but not enabling comments

    This seems a bit self-defeating, and I don’t really think you can truthfully call a website created using blog content management software a “blog” if the comments function is not enabled. That would just be […]

  • Are you doing your homework?

    I’m talking about whether you are monitoring the blogosphere for news about your business – if you have a corporate blog or not. If regular searches on Blogger’s Blog Search or Technorati or Newsgator are […]

  • WalMart gets slapped

    Still think it’s a good idea for someone to ghost write a blog? Then perhaps you should read about all the bad press WalMart is getting for setting up a fake blog (I had originally […]

  • The Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki

    Yes, it’s a mouthful, but also an excellent idea, that being: A directory of Fortune 500 companies that have business blogs, defined as: active public blogs by company employees about the company and/or its products. […]

  • Old Media hearts New Media

    Len Downie, editor of the Washington Post, said that his reporters love newsroom blogs for putting them in touch with their readers (“Everyone in our newsroom wants to be a blogger”). This from an article […]

  • What's Your Blogging Index?

    Is your firm ready (or right) for blogging? Find out by taking the Wagenner Edstrom WEBlogging Index online quiz

  • And Lo, the Branding Was Rolled Out!

    Like the new decor? This marks the completion of the SMG branding roll-out. That being said, we still have to unpack into this new space, so give us a day or two to tidy up. […]

  • The Ottawa Citizen Tells Us All About Blogging for Dollar$

    I understand that today’s Ottawa Citizen was billed as the “Blogging Issue”. In a story by Alexandra Zabjek, the notion of “Blogging for Dollar$” (i.e. accepting advertising or inducements to mention products on personal blogs) […]

  • Podcasting: "The best advertising medium ever"

    Leo LaPorte, the host of This Week in Tech has declared podcasting to be “The best advertising medium ever”! This is particularly interesting since it’s a total 180 from a position he declared publicly just […]

  • What's the ROI on blogs?

    A question I get often, and to which I usually answer, “What’s the ROI on lunch? What’s the ROI on a really positive interaction with a consumer?” In other words, we don’t expect to measure […]

  • Opinion Fatigue: blogs are the answer

    According to this article on the Ad Age website, the issue of non-participation in marketing surveys brought ” 30 of the top executives in market research to Chicago on Sept. 28 for a roundtable at […]

  • Verizon to launch no-holds-barred blog

    During the MIXX conference in NYC last week, Jerri DeVard, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand Management for Verizon announced that the firm is planning to launch a blog that will encourage an “all […]

  • Is it OK to Ghostwrite a CEO Blog?

    This is sort of a continuation of a discussion that’s taken place at the International Association of Online Communicators blog over the last week or so. The fine Debbie Weil moderated it. My position was, […]

  • So you have a blog. Now what?

    This is something that’s come up in meetings twice in the last two weeks. Once as an example, once as a question. Example 1: well-known entrepreneur asks firm to consult on and create a custom […]

  • Bad blogger, Bad blogger!

    Hi there, yes, I have been remiss this week. I really am committed to posting every day (that’s the way it used to be on my personal blog, anyway – before I started this one!) […]

  • What's a Plog™?!?!?

    A “personalized web log” being used as a promotional/engagement tool by Amazon.com: “…your Plog is a personalized web log [i.e. a blog] that appears on your customer home page. Every person’s Plog is different (hence […]

  • My new favourite evolving phrase: "the mash up"

    Okay, I know it’s not that new, but the term is evolving from something that was used to refer to hybrid web applications into something that now refers to more theoretical combinations, i.e. how we […]

  • Talking to Marketing Magazine

    I had the pleasure yesterday of meeting Chris Powell and Rob Gerlsbeck, Media Editor and Associate Editor, respectively, at Marketing Magazine. Of course I always make a point of keeping in touch with new people […]

  • Having trouble subscribing to this blog?

    You wouldn’t be the only one – there’s something nasty wrong with my RSS feed, so don’t be discouraged! We’re in the process of rolling out the new Social Media Group branding, so this blog […]

  • Own the Conversation

    Well, I’ve rarely heard a better answer to the #1 fear facing companies considering blogging (which is): “They might say bad stuff about us!” Guess what? THEY ALREADY ARE, except you don’t know about it. […]

  • More Blogging Company

    That’s right – more and more are joining the party. Today’s press release touting the launch of Halvorson New Media, LLC was interesting, and exciting. Christine Halvorston is someone who’s been bringing blogs to corporate […]

  • Our latest project

    Please stop by for a visit at JuliaKollek.ca. She’s a political candidate in the local elections, referred to us by a colleague of mine from my newsroom days. She needed a website, and of course […]

  • The numbers are there – we just have to grab them

    I read with interest a silicon.com story from September 8th titled, “Corporate Blogs Split Cyberspace (Opinion divided on worth of your company’s latest missive…)” They did a reader poll that showed 37% thought corporate blogs […]

  • Media in Canada Forum

    I’m a little proud today – here’s my page on the Media in Canada Forum website (I’ll be hosting a round table on corporate blogging). Remember: it’s October 3rd in Toronto! Sign up before it’s […]

  • A secondary benefit of Corporate Blogging

    So you’ve seen the light when it comes to corporate blogging – you know you want to use it as part of an integrated marketing strategy, to try and reach out and engage your customers, […]

  • About this blog

    I have been blogging for a long time, but always under a nom du web – first out of paranoia about weirdos, then out of the desire to be able to speak and discuss anything […]

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    As I mentioned previously, I think we’re only a few years (maybe 2) away from every reasonably savvy small company bypassing the traditionally expensive “bespoke” website in favour of a blog-based site, whether they use […]

  • YouTube as political weapon

    I noted with interest this article in today’s IAB email that campaigners in the American mid-term elections are using YouTube to run political ads. The problem? “Videos on YouTube don’t have to disclose their source […]

  • Corporate Blogging Roundtable:Media in Canada Forum

    Exciting times, my friends! I have been asked to host a roundtable on corporate blogging at the Media in Canada Forum in Toronto on October 3rd. Of course, this necessitated getting a picture and bio […]

  • Shel Holtz is Coming to Town!

    I was perusing the Association of Internet Marketing & Sales website (nice new blog, by the way!) and saw this listing for a talk that Shel Holtz is giving on September 20th. So of course […]

  • Blogs: the perfect soapbox

    Well, our latest success story is happening as you read. A local candidate in the municipal elections (and when I say local – I mean it literally. We have discovered that we live about two […]

  • Web 2.1

    Here’s another interesting firm that’s entered the Blogosphere: Blogtronix. Looks interesting, no? I think they offer their own proprietary software, which is probably where their margins are. When Debbie Weil wrote that GM was only […]