Join me next Tuesday at 12 EDT for the latest edition of the award-winning Social Media Today “Best Thinkers” webinar series! Our topic is Innovation from the Crowd: How Customers Design Today’s Products,

Has social media irreversibly changed the product development process? The social Web helps express the collective voice of countless consumers with opinions and ideas about products and services, and increasingly, smart organizations are increasingly referencing this new source of information learn from the crowd how they might improve their offerings.

  • How do you know you’re sourcing the right crowd?
  • Does crowdsourcing for content differ greatly from crowdsourcing for technical products?
  • What are the differences between knowledge gained through surveys and that gained through listening on the Web?
  • What are the internal processes that make crowdsourcing effective in the enterprise?

We’ll be joined by Wil Merritt, CEO of Zooppa, Meredith Gould, sociologist and digital strategist, and registration is free. Sign up here!