Every month or so I have the privilege of hosting the Social Media Today “Best Thinkers” webinar series; on Tuesday next week we have an especially great lineup for you, and I’m hopeful you can join us!

Our topic is B2B social media (“What are the Best B2B Social Media Practices?“), and the plan is to do something a little differently. We’re going to start the webinar with a 1:1 interview with Jonathan Becher, the CMO of SAP. Mr. Becher has some very interesting perspective on the changing nature of B2B marketing generally and how SAP, a market leader in enterprise application software, is shifting its focus from more outbound to inbound marketing (what role social can and will play in that).

The second half of the session, we’ll move back to our more traditional panel discussion format. Jonathan will leave us and we’ll be joined by author, noted speaker and just generally great guy Paul Gillen, as well as Jason Breed, an extremely senior digital and social marketer, and the Global Lead for Social Media at Accenture. Three of us will have a more hands-on discussion about social in the enterprise, the disruption and opportunity that brings, as well as examples of B2B firms who are really hitting the ball out of the park in delivering business value via social.

I hope you can join us Tuesday May 1st at 12EDT – sign up here!



  1. Looking forward to this!

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