The Ignite-inspired Social Media Group Spark event for Social Media Week Toronto is happening tomorrow morning!

Here is a little preview from our final two speakers:

Lindsay’s talk is called “Inspire and Ignite: The New Wave of Visual Content Curation”. With less time and more content to sift through, new emerging visual curation platforms have taken off in a big way. Tapping into our desire for authentic and personal inspiration, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest have changed the way we explore and share content. Find out how brands get on board and ride the wave.

James will explore the emerging trend of transmedia storytelling, which is storytelling across multiple platforms and formats using digital technologies. This talk will illustrate how, more than ever, brands have an opportunity to create a continuous content narrative that engages an audience through multiple media formats.

In case you missed yesterday’s and Tuesday’s blog posts, I shared details from our four other SMG speakers.

This event sold out almost immediately, but we’ve opened up a few extra spots! Visit here to register.  We also know we’ve got lots of fans who don’t live in Toronto. But we want everyone to be able to participate, so we’re offering live streaming during the event! Visit to find out more about tomorrow’s event and check back on Friday morning at 9am EDT to watch live!

P.S. Don’t forget to Tweet using our event hashtag: #smwtoSMGspark.