While not one for resolutions, I can’t help but get caught up in the anticipation a new year brings. Just back to work today after the holidays, I am inspired by the potential for integrated digital and social media marketing in the year ahead. Besides our team at SMG and the great work we have lined up for the year ahead, here are just a few things that I’ve come across since New Year’s Day that have contributed to my optimism for 2012.

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To Build a Holodeck: An Exclusive Look Inside Microsoft’s Edison Labs

Joshua Topolsky visits the Edison Lab on Microsoft’s Redmond campus and gets a guided tour of the cool development work that may fuel the future of user interface design. (watch)


GigaOm’s 12 Tech Leaders’ Resolutions for 2012

Today’s post in this 12-day series over at GigaOm features the incredible Caterina Fake. Ms. Fake co-founded Twitter and Hunch and is an investor in Etsy. She is bringing a new consumer social startup to market in 2012.

The entire series is worth a look, but in the spirit of being inspired for 2012, here is my favourite quote from Caterina Fake (emphasis is mine):

I’ve always had a very positive view of what the possibilities of technology are. I think my job in this business is to continue to cultivate the spirit of invention, and the spirit of building things, of making things, and of connecting people. Focusing on all the positive things that the net does and continuing to make sure that those things flourish. I see my life’s work as making technology more human. So in the face of all these crazy things that are happening — SOPA, social media being used to promote terrorism, addictive software — it’s important that was understand any tool can be used in different ways: You can use a hammer to build a cabinet, or a house, or you can use a hammer to break things, or hurt people. You need to use tools for positive ends.

Top Artists Reveal How to Find Creative Inspiration

I truly love digital and social marketing thinkers and writers, but consuming a steady diet of tweets, posts, commentary and news can be draining and has sapped my inspiration in the past. That’s why I like this feature from the Guardian wherein successful artists talk about their creative process and how they find inspiration.

Here are some tips from artist Susan Phillipsz that should work for any of us who need to bring creativity to their work:

  • If you have a good idea, stick to it. Especially if realising the project is a long and demanding process, try to keep true to the spirit of the initial idea.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Be audacious.

Image via noaalvas on Instagram