SocialFresh is one of my favourite social media marketing conference series; generally held in medium-sized markets, it’s refreshingly free of the “usual suspects” on the conference circuit. Organizer Jason Keath always curates his events with extreme care; in other words, the content is also GREAT.

I am therefore extremely pleased to be speaking at my second SocialFresh – this time Baltimore on Wednesday, November 30th. The event is nearly sold out (check here for any remaining tickets). Here’s my session description (in the Advanced Social Media track) – if you’re attending, please be sure to stop by and say hi!

The Great Content Disruption: How Content Marketing is Changing Everything

Disruption. It’s one of the most common buzzwords used to describe the social web. But when we use it, we have largely been referring to technology and platforms – broadband web access, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. But what about content? In some places, there’s too much, in others, not enough – causing major problems for established business models. In this keynote presentation we’ll explore how content is emerging as a major challenge for marketers and how progressive programs and partnerships are changing the way content moves across the web and how it can effectively be used to earn attention in a billion-channel universe.

Hope to see you there!