Join Maggie Fox on October 11th at 12pm EST as she hosts a webinar: Where Have All the Hippies Gone? to explore the topics of Monetization, Data and Social Media.

We define “hippies” as individuals who are not centered around making a profit or having a “revenue model.” In the early days of the social Web, strategies for making money took a back seat to building traffic and refining the software platform. Many companies focused on giving the platform away for free and serving users well in order to win their loyalty and perhaps even their dependence on the social platform. The next stage of the social web is monetization, or figuring out how to profit from the presence of many habitual users and the information gathered about those users. In this webinar, the panelists will explore the various strategies that companies are adopting to pay their way on the social web.

We’ll cover the following questions as well as yours:

  • What are the leading monetization strategies for social media companies?
  • What’s the future of online advertising?
  • How can companies formulate appropriate data management policies that allow them to monetize user data without violating the trust of their users?

Panelists Mike Edelhart, Judy Shapiro, and Brett Shellhammer will explore where all the hippies have gone!

It promises to be a lively discussion. Join in. Sign-up here.