The best jobs to get are the jobs that find you.  That’s how I came to work at Social Media Group.  I was fully engaged in a job search at the time – networking, meeting with recruiters, applying to the occasional ad.  Then, Maggie called me after having read my blog coverage of the Toronto mayoral race. I was both flattered and impressed that she’d picked out my work.  I figured that she must have her ear pressed firmly to the ground to detect my website amidst the billions of blogs out there.

Needless to say, we hit it off really well.  After just a couple of meetings I was sold on working at SMG (and they were sold on me, thankfully).  In my first blog post I talked about the reasons why I joined SMG.  But now that I’ve actually worked here for a spell, I thought I could expand on what makes SMG a great place to work.  Why should you care?  Because SMG is expanding rapidly, and you could work here too.

So, without further ado, here are the top five things that make SMG a great place to build your career:

SMG gets Social Business – Many organizations have come to understand that social media impacts functions beyond Marketing.  As such, consultants need to have a philosophy and approach that exceeds the campaign mentality that’s been the bread and butter of agencies since time immemorial.  This thinking exists here, and as more clients come realize what they really need, even more opportunity will to flow SMG’s way.  If you don’t believe me, read what industry prophet Jeremiah Owyang has to say about why social media boutiques are winning deals over traditional digital agencies.

SMG is punching well above its weight class. In comparison to many of the agencies SMG confronts in pitches, we are relatively small.  We’re not part of a multi-national, and have but one office here in Toronto. Yet, I have been absolutely amazed at the size and caliber of SMG’s current clients (Thomson Reuters, Ford, CNN, SAP, 3M, Select Comfort, Norwegian Cruise Line) and soon to be clients, (can’t disclose any names, sorry!) working on the meatiest, juiciest assignments imaginable.  Size becomes a non-issue when clients get to experience the depth of experience and thinking that resides here.

There’s unlimited vacation. OK, maybe it’s a bit early in my tenure at SMG to talk about time off.  But the fact that employees can take however much vacation they need is a pretty sweet perk.  SMG is of the attitude that we are all responsible adults, who respect their clients and coworkers enough not to leave anybody in a lurch.  Work hard, get your sh*t done and take what time you need.  It’s the way things should be, everywhere.

Social media is about people.  So is SMG.  Doing great work isn’t worth much if you don’t like who you’re working with.  I can say with hand on heart that the people here are terrific.  Supportive, collaborative and fun are the first words that come to mind.

The best is yet to come. Let’s be honest, it’s still early days in social media.  You may have been thinking and talking about social media for some time now, but the majority of businesses are just now starting to take it seriously.  So if you want to get in on the ground floor with a company that’s poised for a fast and furious ride to the top – contact us!